MD Entertaiment

About MD Entertainment

Since its inception in 2002, MD Entertainment has grown into the most prolific media powerhouse in the country, garnering synergy from its fully integrated system and advanced facilities spanning the entire production chain. MD creates films, television and OTT programming, music, and animation, and is synonymous with consistently creating industry benchmarks. Today, the group boasts a library of over 14,000 hours of content across various platforms, including monumental, award winning films and shows. Uniquely, the IP of all MD programming is wholly owned by the group.

In 2022, MD Pictures released “KKN: Curse of the Dancing Village”, which currently holds the record for the highest grossing Indonesian film of all time, with a viewership of over 10 million. This historic achievement has propelled the company further, enabling its debut on the international stage through global partnerships and Hollywood premieres.

For more information, visit (website). More details about its products can also be obtained through YouTube (link) and its various official social media accounts (links).