The animation Adit Sopo Jarwo is the opening for national films - How cool is that!

2015-03-25 22:05:26

In order to celebrate National Film Day on the 30th of March, the animated series Adit Sopo Jarwo has been given the honour of becoming the opening in every national film which playing in cinemas all over Indonesia for the entire year. This is a campaign and also invitation for the entire public to show more love for Indonesian movies.

Adit Sopo Jarwo is currently in the spotlight and becoming topic of discussion among the public. By using the Indonesian cultural background with stories that depict everyday life in our environment, this series is able to attract the attention of many viewers and receive appreciation from the people of Indonesia. Every episode of Adit Sopo Jarwo which aired is always eagerly awaited by fans.

Adit Sopo Jarwo is the first animation serial produced by MD Animation and also the first to receive direct appreciation from President Joko Widodo. This serial is about the friendship between Adit, Dennis, Mitha, Devi and little Adelya. Adit is the motivator amongst his friends and he is is very inspiring. The mischievous duo Sopo-Jarwo always get Adit into a trouble everyday and this adds excitement to the story. 

MD Animation continues to innovate so that the story in this series becomes increasingly attractive, one of which is to add famous girl band Cherry Belle who are present in the form of animation in the series that is aired on MNCTV.

Adit Sopo Jarwo is expected to become the new beginning of the animation in Indonesia. Not only for the quality, the Indonesian animators expected to create an inspirational story with a good moral message so that can compete in international level.

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