MERRY RIANA Movie - More than 500,000 viewers

2015-01-20 23:09:15

<a href= Film-MERRY-RIANA.php> <a href=><font color=#0055FF><u>Film MERRY RIANA</u></font></a> which was released on the 24th of December 2014 and produced by <a href= MD-Pictures.php> <a href=><font color=#0055FF><u>MD Pictures</u></font></a> under <a href= Manoj-Punjabi.php> <a href=><font color=#0055FF><u>Manoj Punjabi</u></font></a>, has succeeded in getting more than 500.000 viewers and the numbers are still rising as this movie is still playing in cinemas everywhere in Indonesia. This is a relatively big number keeping in account that this movie was launched along with other movies during the christmas and new year holidays.

What has made this film directed by Hestu Saputra starring Chelsea Island and Dion Wiyoko  grab the attention of the Indonesian people? Manoj seriously replies " I believe this film is inspiring as well as motivating to all who watch it because it is very much close to our everyday lives. This is not just a story of one person or one religion but it is universal and can be grasped by everybody. Especially the theme song which has been sung beautifully by Andien and Marcell. This is in accordance with my commitment to continue to dedicate myself , to devote my mind and the ability to produce the best work for the community and the Indonesian film industry in the future ".

The story of the rise and fall of an Indonesian girl in Singapore is indeed able to  make us  feel the struggles of life , the beauty of romance , the sweetness of success . This is all summed up in the film Merry Riana . It surely is a very inspiring story. It tells us that yes money is important but it's not everything. Life is meaningless without love.

Till today the public interest is very high. This was proven at the <a href= Meet and Greet.pht> <a href=><font color=#0055FF><u>Meet and Greet</u></font></a> (Meet the fans) event held in a number of cinemas in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi from the 28th of December 2014. The event was flooded with fans.

With patience, the cast gave the fans what they wanted, from photographs to meeting Merry Riana, Chelsea Islan, Dion Wiyoko, Ferry Salim and many others. Follow the whole story on twitter: <a href= @MerryRianaMovie.php> <a href=><font color=#0055FF><u>@MerryRianaMovie</u></font></a>.


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