Manoj Punjabi In Batik And A Cap!

2013-12-04 08:21:01

The Boss of MD Entertainment has never owned any batik shirt not even the cap all of his life. How will he own one if he has never even worn one before!!

One day in this Ramadan month, he received a formal invitation of opening the fast where it is necessary to wear batik and a cap for the men. Oh dear…he felt confused, got a headache and panicked. Buying was not the problem.. getting the right batik and  cap was as Manoj had no idea at all. In the end, helped by a special team, this father of 3 agreed to let the team choose out the right things for him..having given up himself!!

On the day of the event, all dressed in the formal dress code and ready to leave; everyone was stunned to see his appearance. He began to feel uncomfortable, full of doubt and kept asking if he looked appropriate?

what the people were actually amazed by  was that he looked gallant, handsome and just so well dressed. All these comments brought out the confidence in him and he was ready to go feeling sure of himself . In fact before leaving he actually said “Our local products are as good as imported goods..If I had known it was this cool I would’ve worn one since before!

Another Miracle in this Holy Month of Ramadan!! Manoj Punjabi in batik and a cap looking confident!


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