MD Artists Donate Clothes For Padang Earthquake Victims

2013-12-04 08:21:01

The earthquake that shook Padang end September sure did cause a lot of sadness. Almost all the citizens of Indonesia and even people across the world helped in healing the victims not only materialistically but by boosting their morale as well. MD was one of  them to help as well.

MD donated cash to be given directly to the earthquake survivors. Not only that, the MD PR officer took the initiative to donate clothes of previous shooting of MD artists which were relatively new as they were only used once or twice for shooting. The intention was not only to help materialistically but also to psychologically help in building back their self confidence when they found out that these clothes were worn by their favorite actors and could be seen at all of MD's soap operas.

This was welcomed with open arms by Shania Punjabi, wife of Manoj Punjabi, who is also the Director of Corporate Affairs at MD. When the media found out they wanted to broadcast this but Shania refused this publicity of handing out almost a 1000 pieces of clothing. "This is not necessary, it is our intention to give charity and it is best done by keeping a low profile" said the mother of three while declining politely.


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