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Love can never be predicted, Nisa is proposed to by a young lecturer from her campus, Aris, an intelligent man who has extraordinary charm. Their wedding was like a fairy tale wedding, perfect, especially with the birth of their daughter, Raya. Unfortunately, Nisa’s mother suddenly entrusts her second daughter, Rani, to live with Aris and Nisa. Rani had previously kept her distance from Aris, but slowly, gaps in the illicit relationship opened up. Behind Nisa’s back, Aris betrayed his marriage to his own sister-in-law.

Production Notes


June 13, 2024


Manoj Punjabi


Hanung Bramantyo


Michelle Ziudith, Deva Mahendra, Davina Karamoy, Alesha Fadillah Kurniawan, Dewi Irawan, Devina Aureel, Asri Welas

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