Badarawuhi di Desa Penari: the First Filmed for IMAX Movie in Southeast Asia

Mar 8, 2024

Prequel to the Smash Hit “Kkn Curse of the Dancing Village” Gets Exclusive IMAX Release


JAKARTA, INDONESIA—6 Maret 2024, MD Pictures is thrilled to announce the exclusive IMAX release of “BADARAWUHI DI DESA PENARI” across Indonesia on April 2024. BADARAWUHI DI DESA PENARI is an Indonesian horror film and the prequel to the 2022 smash-hit “KKN Curse of the Dancing Village”, which shattered box office records across Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. 


“Badarawuhi di Desa Penari will become the first Filmed for IMAX release in Southeast Asia, and it is a tremendous honor for MD Pictures to once again become a pioneer for Indonesian movies. As always, we strive continuously to solidify our dedication to shaping the future of Indonesian cinema on the global stage while spearheading cinematic innovation in the region” said Manoj Punjabi, CEO and Founder of MD Pictures.


“Badarawuhi di Desa Penari” was shot with IMAX-certified digital cameras and marks the first local Southeast Asian film released as part of the exclusive Filmed For IMAX program. The film will feature IMAX-exclusive Expanded Aspect Ratio, with certain scenes expanding to fill the entirety of the screen and maximizing the viewing experience. 


“We’re thrilled to collaborate with MD Pictures to bring the epic follow-up to the hit film “KKN Curse of the Dancing Village” to IMAX,” said Christopher Tillman, VP of International Development and Distribution at IMAX. “Anticipation is at a fever pitch for this film, and we couldn’t be more excited to transport fans back to desa penari for an unforgettable experience in IMAX.”


“Cinema XXI is dedicated to screening high-quality movies, both domestic and international, throughout the year, including the Eid holiday period. We are excited that the Badarawuhi di Desa Penari movie becomes the first Southeast Asian movie released as part of the exclusive filmed for IMAX program. Indonesian moviegoers will soon be able to enjoy Badarawuhi di Desa Penari at thirteen (13) IMAX locations across the country: Gandaria City IMAX, Kelapa Gading IMAX, Margo City IMAX, The Park Semarang IMAX, Summarecon Mall Bandung IMAX, Bintaro Xchange 2 IMAX, Summarecon Mal Serpong IMAX, Summarecon Mal Bekasi IMAX, The Breeze IMAX, Pakuwon Mall IMAX, Tunjungan 5 IMAX, Delipark IMAX, AEON Mall Sentul City IMAX,” said Dewinta Hutagaol, Head of Corporate Communications & Brand Cinema XXI.


“Badarawuhi di Desa Penari” combines the stellar directing of Kimo Stamboel, with the power of IMAX’s certified digital cameras, ultra-large screen and signature sound to bring the eerie landscapes of desa penari and stunning action of the film to life. The film will be released in theatres all over Indonesia on 10th April 2024.


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Short Synopsis: The village still holds a lot of mysteries. Piece by piece the mystery is revealed, including the terror of the most feared entity, BADARAWUHI.


Production : MD Pictures

Writer: Simpleman

Producer : Manoj Punjabi

Director : Kimo Stamboel

Script : Lele Laila

Cast: : Aulia Sarah, Maudy Effrosina, Jourdy Pranata, Claresta Taufan, Moh. Iqbal Sulaiman, Ardit Erwandha, Diding Boneng, Aming Sugandhi, Dinda Kanya Dewi, Bimasena, Pipien Putri, Maryam Supraba, Baiq Vania Estiningtyas Sagita, Baiq Nathania Elvaretta Sagita.



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