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Jun 4, 2024 | News, Do You See What I See

Horror Do You See What I See First Love: The Story of Dating a Pocong 

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Watch the official trailer Do You See What I See: Cerita Horor #64 First Love here.


What happens when a human finds themselves falling in love with a ghost that isn’t easy to detect with the naked eye? Can it be called true love or does it have involvement from the devil that influenced the said human? Or can it be caused by the actions of a human who made a pact with the devil himself? This true story is truly like no other. It was brought to light by Vey in the podcast “Do You See What I See” which ended up being adapted into a horror Do You See What I See First Love film.


The tale that was adapted from the horror podcast Do You See What I See Indonesia episode 64 is a true story that perhaps isn’t easy to believe. Not only is it terrifying, it’s also very mind-boggling. 


Vey, one of the witnesses from this story revealed her experience to Mizter Popo, which ended up on the horror podcast “Do You See What I See.” Since that moment, this story became viral as Mizter Popo also shared this story on YouTube. This has triggered discussions among the masses which has made MD Pictures and Pichouse films adapt it into a big-screen movie. 


Directed by Awi Suryadi, the film Do You See What I See First Love is showing in Indonesian theatres starting May 16, 2024. Do You See What I See cast includes bright young stars such as Shenina Cinnamon, Diandra Agatha, Sonia Alyssa, Yesaya Abraham, and more.


Adapted from a true story, Awi Suryadi has admitted that the process of this movie was tense like no other– which is what he wants to emit to the audience. The tension that was built carefully in this movie from its intense plot and questionable actions that Mawar has done—the girl who fell in love with a “Pocong”. 


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Do You See What I See First Love Episode 64: Mawar Is Blinded by Her Love for Restu even though He Is Not Human

horror do you see what i see md pictures


What is the horror Do You See What I See film about? And how blinded was Mawar from her love for Restu? This is the story of Do You See What I See: First Love.


This boarding house has been very quiet since the semester holiday, but it doesn’t mean Vey (19) went through her days lonely. There are still two of her best friends, Kartika (19), who is an extroverted on-campus radio host, and Mawar (20) who has a cheerful personality and is liked by many people around her. On top of that, there’s also Vey’s boyfriend, Alex (20) who makes their group ‘complete.’


Among all the people around her, Mawar is the closest. Vey and Mawar share many things, secrets, stories, and jokes too. But behind Mawar’s cheerful persona, there is a rather dark past. Mawar lost her parents a few years ago. So, only she and her younger sister, Melati (16), are left. They are separated—Melati lives in a boarding school outside the city and is busy with school activities. Mawar might be lonely without others realizing it.


On her 20th birthday, Mawar visited her parents’ graves while praying to be reunited with a man who could love her for who she is. When Mawar returned from the grave, she came to the boarding house with a shy smile. Perhaps, Mawar’s prayers and those of her friends were answered—Mawar met a man who managed to win her heart.


horror do you see what i see md pictures


Newly introduced figure is unknown to anyone other than Mawar. She keeps it more as a secret. Mawar—who is in love—is constantly questioned by her happy friends, especially Vey.


But one by one, strange things begin to follow Mawar’s happiness. Mawar starts to disappear from class or break promises with her friends. Not only that, Mawar never gathers in the boarding house anymore, and no one is sure if Mawar has always been in her room. Perhaps Mawar is meeting her new boyfriend?


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Strangely, Mawar herself admits to never dating outside the boarding house, always enjoying coffee at night when her boyfriend visits. Restu, Mawar’s new lover’s name, is finally heard when he sends a message to Mawar through the campus radio. But no one knows who Restu is. Throughout the campus, no name of Restu could be the person they are looking for. Vey and Kartika have tried to find out who Restu is on campus, but no one knows or is familiar with Restu.


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Mawar’s friends begin to worry—is Mawar’s change due to meeting the wrong person, or what? Vey and the others tirelessly try to find out Restu’s origin, even going so far as to question whether Restu uses dark arts to win Mawar’s heart. As predicted by Lina (19), a zodiac expert and mystical studies student on campus, who for some reason is close to Alex.


Mawar and Restu’s relationship reflects the relationships of her other friends. In the eyes of others, perhaps the relationship is wrong, but who can determine right or wrong? Vey’s relationship with Alex, which is clear and real, may not be right either; or Kartika’s obsession with her idol—Tupac—who doesn’t know her.


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One night, as Mawar’s condition becomes increasingly worrying, Vey and Kartika ask to meet Restu. Initially, Mawar refused, even got angry, but finally agreed. The night of waiting to see who or what Restu is finally answered terrifyingly. Vey has to face not a human, but a tall ghost and starts to haunt them all.


Perhaps all of this is related to Mawar’s parents’ secretive past. They have to ask for Lina’s help—which turns out to be Alex’s affair—a fact previously not accepted by Vey. But now, Vey doesn’t care. For him, the important thing is Mawar’s safety. They prepare a ritual to separate Mawar from Restu’s influence.


horror do you see what i see md pictures


The ritual, which started at the boarding house, became more dangerous, ending with Mawar disappearing without a trace. Everyone is confused about where to look for her. Melati, Mawar’s sister, feels they may have to go back to where it all started, their parents’ old house. There, they find something even more surprising, the real and intact corpse of Restu, a result of black magic and a sign of their father’s love for Mawar and Melati.


The corpse must be returned to the person who performed the black magic. Vey and the others together drag Restu’s corpse to Mawar’s parents’ grave. The journey, which turns out to be more complicated, separates them all, each haunted in the graveyard throughout that night.


Finally, Melati, who keeps hearing her sister’s cries, finds the source of the sound inside their father’s grave. When dug up, not only their father’s corpse is there but also Mawar behind it.


horror do you see what i see md pictures


Everyone makes one last effort, burying Restu and saving Mawar, although Mawar continues to resist. For Mawar, this is a bad attempt to separate herself from the one she loves.


After a while of pouring rain while trying to bury Resu’s body, Mawar finally comes to her senses, then returns home with the others, resuming life in the boarding house and on campus.


Although Mawar may still feel the same loneliness. In the end, Mawar chooses to be with Restu forever, sacrificing herself in her boarding house room. She follows her first love, which is never wrong in her eyes, according to the promise they made.


Was Mawar’s first love Restu? Isn’t this the result of the black magic performed by Mawar’s father, thus creating a catastrophe for Mawar? But perhaps, Mawar has indeed found her first and last love with Restu, let’s pray for the best for Mawar…


That is what the horror Do You See What I See film is about! Want to know Mawar’s journey in love with Restu and the efforts of Mawar’s friends and her sister who want to save Mawar from this madness—falling in love with a ghost even willing to sacrifice her life? Watch the film Do You See What I See First Love now with your loved ones.


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