Hadith of Ipar Adalah Maut Movie Is Real, Hanung: “This Is a Warning”

Apr 1, 2024

Watch the official trailer of Ipar Adalah Maut here.


Jakarta, March 25, 2024—The Hadith of Ipar Adalah Maut Movie is real, and is the first film by director Hanung Bramantyo to use a title with a verse in the hadith. Regarding this, Hanung Bramantyo admitted that the story of Ipar Adalah Maut movie is a sign or warning. Why is that? Here are the answers to a series of official trailer launch events; Ipar Adalah Maut.


Official Trailer Launch Ipar Adalah Maut Movie and Testimonials from the Cast and Director about the Hadith of Ipar Adalah Maut

These are the responses of Manoj Punjabi, CEO of MD Entertainment and producer of the film Ipar Adalah Maut, cast, and director of this film, Hanung Bramantyo—about the meaning of “Ipar Adalah Maut” and more.


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Manoj Punjabi: “Thank you, today we are launching the official trailer for Ipar Adalah Maut movie. Amazing, happy that we can release this. Very excited about the trailer and I congratulate and thank the big family of Ipar Adalah Maut. Thank you Mas Hanung, Eliza, and the actors/actresses here. Everything is superb and I’m grateful. I hope this film can become a box office spectacle, and then contribute to Indonesian films. That’s all from me, thank you.”


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Hanung Bramantyo:Alhamdulillah, praise be to God. Today is quite an exciting day for all of us here, especially me. I want to know what the response from the public is like, because yesterday’s teaser trailer, I received a good response, at least what came to my Instagram was surprising. “Then, for now, I don’t know how, I hope it can be accepted and become a useful show because the message is very important and very close to all of us.”


Eliza Sifa: “Thank you all, this is the first time I’ve seen the trailer. Surprised. I was like, wow, the message is that deep, I got goosebumps, I even cried. From the moment the mother’s scene opened, then Rani came, then Nisa said “You’re pretending to be a good man,” it has a lot to do with our lives. Moreover, there is one message, “Big storms come from what you can’t see” and that is very true. I hope that this film can take away many positive things and be useful for all of us. And I also received a heartwarming thank you from Mba Nisa for bringing this story beyond her expectations—thank you for your support to Mba Nisa and Raya.”


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Michelle Ziudith: “Today was the first time I watched the trailer. I watched the teaser before too. I was holding my breath and didn’t feel like I could see the whole preview. I still remember the moment and the feeling during the filming, but I’m delighted. From the results of yesterday’s teaser, I had the chance to read reviews from people who couldn’t wait and the comments from people who were excited and waiting for it from the start.”


Deva Mahenra: “What is certain is that we are happy that we finally arrived today watching the trailer, and we can both see the trailer. For me, even the trailer without sound with that scene is a killer. Plus the soundtrack has become a combo. The story deeply penetrates us. Hopefully, you can feel the same way as we do, of course, this will increase my enthusiasm to look forward to the film even more.”


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Davina Karamoy: “The feeling of watching the official trailer for the first time was the same as Mba Nisa—from the start I held my breath, and the opening scene where Mba Nisa’s mother and Mas Aris talking has made it clear that marriage is sacred. Plus Rani’s arrival, even if it’s only a glimpse, I can imagine how it will go. Also, Mba Nisa is already emotional with Mas Aris, and more. The point is, from beginning to end, the feeling of hurt still lingers in the teaser trailer. I hope that the audience can take the positive side of this film and kindly be patient to watch Ipar Adalah Maut movie in cinemas.”


Alesha Fadillah: “I am so delighted to watch the trailer of Ipar Adalah Maut movie.”


QnA (Questions and Answer) Media to Casts and Hanung Bramantyo as the Director of Ipar Adalah Maut Movie 

Here are the questions.


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Question 1:

“Michelle, how does it like to play the role of a mother with a child, and what scene makes you very emotional?”



Michelle Ziudith: “I’m not married myself, to be honest—it’s complicated to play this role. I have to empty the glass and fill it again from the beginning. Every day we communicate with Mas Hanung from our reading process. This is a new experience for me in my entire career, also the first time I’ve felt this. It’s a mixed feeling, it’s exciting, but it means a lot. Very impressive. Even after filming this, I couldn’t sleep, I thought, the burden was still there. I just can’t forget. This sense of alertness is increasing and I become a person who has trust issues and is more careful. So the deeper I play as Nisa, the more it becomes a part of me. I’m happy and can’t wait to watch it in full.”


Question 2:

“Mas Hanung, is there any difference in directing an adapted movie from a novel compared to one adapted from a viral thread in social media (TikTok)—based on your own experience as a director who has directed several novel-adapted movies?



Hanung Bramantyo: “Ideas are just ideas, whether they come from TikTok or a novel. Well, this idea resonated with me, that’s the reason why I got involved in a film. At first, I was a bit resistant to Ipar Adalah Maut movie because I thought the title was, wow, why does it sound like a soap opera? But then, I realized that it came from a hadith and maybe this is my only film with a verse as the title, even though I made a religious film, it never had a verse as the title. From there, I dissected this verse, and where it came from, and then I got into it, just like Michelle develops into Nisa’s character, I got into the theme itself. Why did the Prophet say that in-laws are similar to death? The original diction is “death,” Ipar Adalah Maut. Turns out that’s what made me stunned and realize that this was a warning that shouldn’t be carried out, even if it was asked by our parents or our in-laws or whoever. We as children, feel that if we refuse the request, it will be a sin, but this is much more sinful when we do the request. That’s why I accept Mr. Manoj’s offer o direct this. Mr. Manoj once said, “Hanung, If you refused, let’s say another person will direct it?” I said, “No, no. I want to work on this.” So, I have to talk to myself, because I have to imagine when I watched this film. The first people to watch were my small family and my extended family. And I want to share it with my family. And it’s true, during filming, there were lots of questions, “Is it wrong—in-laws are the same explanation as death?” I think Michelle also asked that. Well, that’s it. I also ask and feel. So this is like when I was writing Ayat-Ayat Cinta, suddenly there was the word taaruf. Dating is prohibited in Islam, but suddenly there is a way out, namely taaruf. So, this is the message I want to convey to the public. It turns out that Islam has a way out and there are warnings up to the point of death. That’s why whether it’s from a novel or TikTok content, that’s just an idea for me.”


That is the real hadith of Ipar Adalah Maut. Why Ipar Adalah Maut? That answer is what Hanung Bramantyo is trying to convey in the film Ipar Adalah Maut. In-laws are said to be “death”. Anyone who agrees to a request for in-laws to live with his brother/sister and his partner (not a muhrim), will incur a sin and is a warning.


How did the film Ipar Is Maut turn out in Hanung Bramantyo’s hands? Based on the official trailer, we can see fans and players getting teary-eyed. Imagine what the film will be like, right? The hope is that many positive things can be taken from this film.


How will Ipar Adalah Maut movie turn out in Hanung Bramantyo’s hands? Based on the official trailer, we can see that fans and actors/actresses get teary-eyed watching it. Imagine what the film will be like. Hopefully, many positive things can be taken from this film.


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