“IPAR ADALAH MAUT”: MD Pictures Hosts Exclusive Press Conference with Fan Participation

Feb 26, 2024

Watch Ipar Adalah Maut teaser here!


MD Pictures hosted a press conference in their building—unveiling the teaser trailer for their upcoming film “IPAR ADALAH MAUT” (Betrayal by Blood). The event served as a platform for industry insiders, media representatives, and a select group of fans to converge and experience the excitement firsthand.


Ipar Adalah Maut, a True Story Adapted from TikTok Series by Eliza Sifa

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IPAR ADALAH MAUT was adapted from a TikTok series by Eliza Syifa—garnering 112.8 Million total views on Ipar Adalah Maut series on TikTok. A single video in this series has reached more than 9 Million views. It is a 24-part TikTok Series. 


ipar adalah maut md pictures


With the CEO and Founder of MD Pictures, Manoj Punjabi, the press conference was meticulously organized to provide a comprehensive overview of the film’s production, cast, and thematic elements. Amidst the buzz of anticipation, 25 fortunate winners, chosen from an eager pool of fans from Instagram, received coveted invitations to join the media contingent.


The audience, comprising journalists, bloggers, and influencers, eagerly awaited the unveiling of the teaser trailer. However, what set this event apart was the inclusion of the winning fans, who were granted exclusive access to the inner sanctum of the press conference.


Seated alongside seasoned reporters and industry insiders, the fan winners were not mere spectators but active participants in the proceedings. They had the opportunity to engage directly with the cast and crew, adding a unique dynamic to the press conference.


ipar adalah maut md pictures


During the Q&A session, press and fans seized the opportunity to pose insightful queries to Manoj Punjabi (Producer), Hanung Bramantyo (Director), Deva Mahenra (Cast), Davina Karamoy (Cast), and Eliza Syifa (Writer), gaining firsthand insights into the creative process behind “IPAR ADALAH MAUT.”


Their presence injected an air of authenticity and enthusiasm, underscoring the profound impact of fan engagement in shaping contemporary entertainment. 


The press conference concluded on a high note, leaving attendees excited for the film’s release, especially as the Producer, Manoj Punjabi, revealed that the movie was scheduled to be released in May 2024.


ipar adalah maut md pictures


As the event drew close, the fan winners reacted immensely and intensely to the teaser trailer they watched. Their reactions can be seen at https://www.instagram.com/reel/C3mo_3vBQsd/?igsh=MTRpenFxejc0YWpnZQ==. Their reactions truly grasped the essence of why this true story was adapted to the big screens– it’s truly the biggest betrayal of all time. 


In an industry often characterized by exclusivity, MD Pictures’ decision to include fans in the press conference exemplifies a progressive approach to audience engagement. By breaking down barriers and fostering meaningful interactions, they have set a precedent for future film promotions, where fans are not just spectators but integral stakeholders in the cinematic journey.


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