Munkar, Adhisty Zara Horror Film: Terror of Santriwati

Feb 21, 2024

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The Horror film “Munkar”, is a production by MD Pictures alongside with Pichouse Films, officially released on February 7, 2024. Indonesian horror film, “Munkar,” is directed by Anggy Umbara, one of the most famous directors in Indonesia, and starred by Adhisty Zara, Ratu Sofya, Saskia Chadwick, Kaneishia Yusuf, Ayu Hastari, Elma Theana, and others.


Being Adhisty Zara‘s horror-themed film, Zara plays as a female student assigned by the teacher at Ar-Rahimu Islamic boarding school to accompany a new female student entering the school. Due to certain circumstances, the new student played by Ratu Sofya will provide a traumatic sensation as well as deadly terror for everyone in the boarding school.


Islamic Boarding School Horror Movie, Munkar: Present Chiling Sensation of Deadly Terror of the New Santriwati

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The student film titled “Munkar” begins its story from the presence of a new female student at Pesantren Ar-Rahimu. There is nothing strange about the new student, only that she was born wealthy, thus having spoiled characteristics because she always gets what she wants throughout her life. That’s why her father intended to send her to a boarding school hoping that she would no longer be spoiled and would master the teachings of Islam.


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During her time at the boarding school, she often neglects her duties such as waking up late, arriving late to class, and other things. Therefore, the students in the class that was originally a superior class had to undergo punishments.


This made some students dislike the presence of “her” (the new student) because she always made mistakes so that everyone had to bear the punishment that should not be imposed on them, but on the new female student.


Tired of cleaning the bathroom and various other types of punishment, Obi, Dilla, and Siti began to resent the new female student and threatened her both verbally and physically. Being a victim of bullying from her three classmates, Ranum, the close friend of the new female student, still willing to help her even though many did not want to be her friend.


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Obi, Dilla, and Siti trapped the new female student who was about to iron her headscarf one night by placing the iron on her hand, pouring water on her, until the new female student tried to escape. Unknowingly, the new female student had wandered through the forest and out of the boarding school. While running away from her three classmates, the new female student had an accident being hit by a car. As a result, her head hit a piece of wood right in front of her.


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No one knows the whereabouts of the new female student since that incident. Until one day, “she” (the new student) returned to Pesantren Ar-Rahimu mysteriously with eyes and movements that seemed not human. Her presence in the boarding school now becomes a relentless horror shadow. Strange things begin to emerge, especially those related to the female students.


Starting from several students who died in unnatural ways to teachers who experienced deadly terror. All the strange events are finally closely related to the disappearance of “her” who suddenly reappeared at the boarding school.


Terror lurks every night causing some students to start questioning the strangeness of the new female student or “her,” especially her friend, Ranum. Ranum began to feel uncomfortable with her truly strange presence and decided to gradually distance herself. However, “she” still haunts.


The terrifying Munkar ghost now reveals its true self in front of the Ustadz (Islamic teachers) at the boarding school. The incident on the night the new female student had an accident being hit by a car, turned out her body was brought by her own father to a spiritual leader. Could the deadly terror be the revenge of the Munkar ghost thirsty for vengeance? Then, will everyone have to experience this strange death?


Find out the answer only in the film “Munkar”! Experience the horror sensation of the new female student ghost who disappeared mysteriously and reappeared at the Ar-Rahimu Islamic Boarding School, giving deadly terror to the female students and teachers.


Make sure to watch this boarding school horror film, “Munkar,” with your loved ones because the jump scares and horror scenes depicted are very real and able to provide chilling terror!


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