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3 In 1


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Doni, Rico and Tanjung have been friends since they were young. They lived in the same complex and also went to the same school. They grew up together and spent almost everyday in each other's accompany. But as adults, each of them becomes occupied in different jobs, and different worlds. Doni becomes a writer and a well known columnist in local paper. Rico helps his father run their large family business, and Tanjung continues his college education while teaching part time at his university. Despite their busy and separate lifestyles, their friendship remains very strong. To maintain their relationship, the friends regularly meet at a café where they chat, reminisce and plan their future.

Doni's fame as a writer and 'love guru' grows steadily. The irony is that Doni has only mastered love in theory. In actual fact, he is the last person who believes in true love. For Doni, love has a time limit of about three weeks. Because he is constantly falling in love, he never gives a relationship and the women in it enough time.

Rico is a single child from a very rich family. He has always been spoiled rotten by his family’s wealth and luxury. But for him life is nothing without a woman. Rico is the type of guy who is in love with love. He cannot live without the touch of love from a woman. It’s not that surprising then that Rico often falls in love at first sight!

Tanjung, the genius of the group, is too busy with college and his job and thus puts women last on his list. Doni is full of fun and very calm about his life, and Rico never seems to age from year to year because of his innocent and childish attitude. Tanjung however seems to be older than his age because of his mature and wise attitude. Tanjung is the person his friends come to with their problems.

Three guys, three different characters, three different attitudes as well as three different social statuses. All with different vision and attitudes about love and life. Only one thing can make them stay together; friendship. And it is this friendship that makes them continually help each other in life. From family problems, school, jobs, to the women they love. 3 in 1. Three guys in one strong friendship.