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Akulah Miki


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Miki would be very clever for an eight year old. The problem is Miki is an adult. He lives with his parents who spoil him a lot, or so it would seem. Miki doesn't know that his mother is in fact his stepmother. In front of everybody, she treats Miki with more love than her own son from her first marriage, Surya.

Things are not always what they seem. Surya and his mother are only interested in Miki's family for their money. This is the only reason she married Miki's father. Miki's grandfather is suspicious of his son's wife and leaves all his wealth to Miki's future children. When Miki's stepmother finds out about this, she tries to persuade the grandfather to change his will. When the old man refuses, she is driven by greed and has him killed. She pays someone to push him off a balcony, making it look like an accident. Miki was the only witness to this at the tender age of eight. The shock caused the young child to stop developing and to live his life in a dream word. His stepmother and brother encourage this. They don’t want Miki to ever become an independent adult.

Because of the will of the old man, his stepmother and brother will not get anything. She continues another plan to enable her to control the money. She plans to find an innocent young girl from a poor family, who she can control. She finds a girl called Wulan, who is the daughter of a blind man, Mr. Sueb. They outwit the poor girl to marry Miki. On the wedding night, Wulan finds out about Miki's mental state and is shattered by the truth.

Initially, she hates Miki and wants to run away and annul the marriage. Over time however she starts to understand Miki and his honest and straightforward ways. She falls in love with Miki. Wulan begins to help Miki become an adult. She educates him and this slowly releases him from his stepmother's grip. Sooner or later, the truth is bound to surface.