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Andra Cari Cinta


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Andra is so simple and innocent that all the women match-make to him turns him down. Hamzah (Andra’s father), Maya (Andra’s mother), and Vera (Andra’s sister) always corners Andra for not being able to find his other half. Only grandma is always so sure that Andra is a special man and will find his life partner who is also a special lady. Andra has a hobby of listening to the radio. His favourite radio announcer’s name is Cinta. Andra fell in love with the voice of the radio announcer.

Cinta, the radio announcer, could not forget Nino, her true love that passed away from an accident. Ussy (Cinta’s sister) and Sandra (Cinta’s aunty) always encourages Cinta to start a new relationship with another man and forget Nino.

One day as a result of a mistake, Andra and Cinta met in a match-making event. The confusion drags on. Andra puts high hopes on his relationship with Cinta. On the other hand, Cinta rejects him completely. Until one day, Cinta realizes that many of Andra’s actions and words are similar to Nino’s. She slowly starts to like Andra. Ussy and Sandra agrees more for Cinta to accept Anwar’s love, Anwar is Nino’s best friend that really likes Cinta.

Andra that is so sure that Cinta is his true love, keeps pressing on to win Cinta’s heart.