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Antara Cinta Dan Dusta

Monday - Sunday, 8 pm

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Atikah (20) is a simple, funny, good natured and hard working girl. She lives with her grandmother Marni in Wagir Kidul a village near Ponogoro, East Java. In this village, lives a young doctor called Aryo (25) who is placed temporarily at the health care facility there.

Aryo is a handsome and kind man. Aryo and Atikah fall in love and have an affair but hide it because Murni doesn't approve of their relationship. She is traumatized by something and she can't tell them about it. Inspite of this Aryo dares to propose to Atikah and asks for permission to bring her to Jakarta to meet his parents. Marni finally agrees on the condition that he must keep her one and only grandchild happy.

When Aryo gives this news to his parents on the phone, his mother, Sita, disapproves. Only his father, Darmawan, supports his decision. Unfortunately the bus they're in meets with an accident. Aryo dies and Atikah survives. Siti blames Atikah for this tragedy.

After Aryo's death, Atikah chooses to live in Jakarta and struggles hard to carry out Aryo's last request of her  becoming a reliable chef. To start her life, she gets a job in the cleaning service at Citra Medika hospital. In this hospital, there is a young doctor named Sultan who is Aryo's friend. Unfortunately every time Sultan and Atikah meet it is always in the wrong circumstances and they end up fighting like cats and dogs.

Sultan is paired with Naira the daughter of the man who owns the hospital. Sultan accepted this proposal only because he is indebted to Rizal, Naira's father. Rizal had paid for Sultan's college fund. But as time goes by, Sultan is impressed by Atikah's hard work, her innocent nature and her kindness. He finally has a relationship with her. Naira and her mother Yulia are furious at this. Even Sultan's mother Ema is against this. Rizal is caught in a dilemma because Atikah turns out to be his daughter from an affair he had with Rahma (Marni's daughter). When he was young, he practiced at the village where Rahma lived and they fell in love. But he is forced to marry Yulia as per the family's request. Rahma is pregnant and very stressed out and she dies when giving birth to Atikah. Marni lies to Rizal and tells him that the baby has also died. And now after so many years, he comes to know that his child is alive. And that his child is Atikah who is now working in his hospital in the cleaning service department.

Atikah is in a dilemma herself when she knows that Rizal is her father. Marni stops her from getting close to him as she hates him. Rizal is all the more disturbed when he finds out that both his daughters are in love with the same man, Sultan!

Fahri, Aryo's brother, is secretly in love with Atikah and he tries to win her heart. Atikah is not in love with Fahri, and Ema totally disapproves of her  relationship with Sultan. So then...what does Atikah finally decide to do? How do Sultan and Atikah overcome every obstacle in their relationship? Watch this all on the soap opera "Antara Cinta Dan Dusta






Sonya Fatmala, Chelsea Olivia, Rendy Kjarnett,