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Cinta Fitri Season 2


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After Fitri fell from Wongiri bridge, Farrel and family panicked. Bulik Rini also agitated, but luckily Fitri was safe and was founded by some villagers. The wedding party was held with joy. Since they lived together, conflict between in-laws automatically appeared. Grandma was always provoking Lia, as a result, Fitri and Lia often has conflicts. Aldo and Kayla’s conflict also heated up, Aldo was assumed too busy taking care of his parents and Norman. The household life of Maya and Bram was also a dead end. Their decision of working together in one office, at Emil’s property agency, became a boomerang. At the moment, Maya and Bram kept their husband and wife status a secret. And Emil not knowingly, ends up liking Maya.

Moza also has a story. Vino who is prideful, is the new working partner at Retro, this makes Moza irritated. Vino’s cynical attitude towards women is caused by his past of bad experiences with romance. They fight frequently. Many people thought Vino will end up with Moza. Fate says differently. Moza is destined to be with Aldo. Norman and Yuga rented a house together. Yuga was happy to meet Nabila again who is now a teacher in the school.






Donita, Dinda Kanyadewi, Boy Tirayoh, Shireen Sungkar, Zora Vidyanata,