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Cinta Memang Gila


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When Roy, the most popular, rich and arrogant guy on campus meets Mirna, a bookworm and disciplined woman, the first thing they feel for each other is hatred. The more they see each other, the more they hate each other. But destiny has been prewritten. Love is crazy. Who can tell that they are actually meant to be together?

Cinta Memang Gila (LOVE IS CRAZY) is the story of two people who are looking for love, but can't find it until magic plays a part. A witch curses them and they swap bodies. Roy’s soul is in Mirna's body and Mirna’s in Roy's body. The curse will not go until they learn to respect and love each other. This is where the story begins. Who wants to be trapped in your enemy's body?

Roy, a thoroughly spoiled boy, now has to stay in Mirna's modest family. Mirna, a simple and idealistic girl, has to stay in a big and fancy house and becomes depressed with the luxury around her. They are forced to interact with people whom they don't know or like. People around them wonder as they don't know what has happened. Roy is suddenly concentrating more on his studies and Mirna becomes more stylish, active and loves to fight. What is happening?

Nobody knows that they have been cursed. They hate each other more, but they need each other to survive. Roy and Mirna see life from a different point of view. The hatred becomes sympathy, and sympathy becomes love.