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Cinta Mutiara


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Mutiara lived in an orphanage since she’s an infant. She realized that she is the only grandchild of a rich businessman, Lukman, when she was about to be kidnapped by a bad person, Adrian. Her real name is Cinta. Mutiara was separated from her parents during a deadly accident that killed her father. Only Laudya, her mother, was alive. Mutiara was saved by her nanny, Nani. The only identification that she is the granddaughter of Lukman is a brooch. That is the item that Adrian wants. The kidnap failed with the help of a mysterious person.

To stop Adrian from terrorizing the orphanage, Mutiara decided to move away. She was taken in by a catering business owner, Mr Bondan’s family. Here, Mutiara met Marcel, unknowing that this handsome man was the mysterious helper that she has been looking for. Things became complicated after Revand saw Mutiara and liked her. Revand was no other than Marcel’s brother. It turns out Marcel pretended to be poor to get close to Mutiara. A love triangle is then built. Mutiara’s life became harder after Adrian hired Viny, her friend from the orphanage to disguise as Mutiara and meet with Laudya. Unfortunately, Laudya believed Viny is Mutiara that was long gone.