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Cinta Sejati

Monday - Friday, 9.00PM

45 episode


Sandra is shocked when the DNA test results of Saffa and Widya are the same. Saffa is Widya and Wisnu's daughter. Meanwhile, Satria is finally caught by the police because of the landslide case in Puncak. Satria is shocked.

WIDYA (Desy Ratnasari) is a young girl from a simple average family. She meets Wisnu ( Ferry Salim) who comes from a rich family. They get involved with each other and decide to get married before Wisnu goes abroad for further studies. 

However, when Wisnu returns, he gets married to Sandra. TIO ( Ananda George ), who is a friend of Widya, tells her of this. She goes to meet Wisnu to tell him that they have a child. When she gets to Wisnu's house, Putri, their daughter, is kidnapped. Widya is devastated by this. Tio becomes a shoulder for her to cry on and they finally get married. Meanwhile, Tarjo kidnaps Putri but is unable to dispose her off. He finally looks after her and changes her name to SITI SAFFANAH ( Chelsea Olivia ).

8 years pass. Tarjo is paralyzed after an accident. Asih, his wife, has never liked Saffa and she asks her to leave. In all this confusion, Saffa meets ARJUNA ( Evan Sanders )  and ABI ( Bagas ) who are street children. Saffa introduces herself as Siti and Arjuna finally let's her live with him in a slum house. One day the slum house is invaded by the police. This tragedy seperates Saffa from Arjuna and Abi.

Then Saffa gets hit by a car driven by Wisnu. She faints and he takes her to his house. Sandra and Luna ( his daughter) are shocked to see Saffa. Wisnu doesn't realize that Saffa is his flesh and blood. Meanwhile, Arjuna and Abi are wandering in the streets and accidentally meet Widya. She adopts  them as her own children.

Years pass by. Saffa and Arjuna are now grown up. She works in a construction company owned by Widya. It is here where she is reunited with Arjuna and Abi.

Meanwhile, Luna often goes to a cafe and meets Arjuna there. She falls in love with him. She feels jealous looking at the closeness between Saffa and Arjuna. What will happen with the relationship between Saffa, Arjuna, Luna and Abi?

Will Arjuna and Saffa realize that they were childhood friends? What will happen to their families? Will Saffa know that Widya is her mother?






Chelsea Olivia, Evan Sanders, Ajun Perwira, Hasninda,