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9 episode


Rommy ( Daniel Sivae) is the son of a wealthy family who owns a tea plantation in Puncak. He lives with his mother Sari (Ivanka Suwandi). He is friends with Yana (Nicole) the daughter of KI Sastra (George Rudy) who is a famous shaman and snake charmer in their village. One day while playing, Rommy gets bitten by a snake and faints. Ki Sastra heals him by playing his magical flute till the snake comes back and sucks out all the poison from Rommy's body. As a  result, the snake transformes into a middle-aged man and then dies. Dewi (Amanda Putri) cries over the death of the snake as it turns out to be her father. Before dying, he asks her to avenge his death. She thinks Yanna is the one who killed him. Meanwhile Sari, aware that Rommy is safe,is willing to give anything to Ki Sastra. He doesn't ask her for anything. All he wants is for Yana and Rommy to marry each other when they grow up. Sari has no choice but to agree. Rommy is then sent to his grandmother's house in Holland. Dewi is highly disappointed as she can't take revenge yet but she is sure one day she will.

Fifteen years later, Rommy (Ajun Perwira) returns to his home town and becomes close again to Yana (Sonya Fatmala). Ki Sastra and Sari want them both to get married. But then Rommy meets a pretty girl and he falls in love with her at first sight. 
This pretty girl is Dewi ( Icha Anisa). Dewi is happy when Rommy appears as she will be able to now take revenge. She succeeds in getting him to fall for her and even wanting to marry her.

Sari supports Rommy's decision of wanting to marry Dewi. But his decision  devastates Yana. Ki Sastra is furious at Sari for not keeping her promise but she can't do anything at all except support her son's decision. Meanwhile Dewi considers this a way to kill Rommy. After they get married, Dewi finds out that the one to actually kill her father was Ki Sastra. Ki Sastra is disappointed and furious that Rommy didn't marry his daughter and now he wants to kill him. He works together with Darman (Rommy Sulastyo), Sari's most trusted man who is interested only in getting Sari's wealth. Dewi then vows  to keep Rommy safe from Ki Sastra and Darman. As time goes by, Dewi falls in love with Rommy, the same man she hated in the beginning. Meanwhile Yana still loves Rommy and is unable to accept the fact that he married Dewi. She wants to get rid of Dewi

Does Dewi manage in saving Rommy from Ki Sastra and Darman? Does Yana get Rommy back? Watch their story on love and revenge on "Cinta Yang Beda" on MNC TV.