Monday - Sunday, 7.00 PM

30 episode


Four hundred years ago, a storm swept a village. A resident from that village named Sangaji or Aji was unfortunately (Ihsan Saleh) struck by a lightning while praying. Luckily, he survived and the lightning make him immortal. Every 10 years, he is forced to move to different villages  wih different identities to prevent suspicious minds of not increasing age.

When Aji became a highschool teacher, he looked like an ideal man to many and secretly gained super powers. His physical and mental abilities like seeing, hearing and the speed of his body has also intensified. He was also able to stop time. 

Putri alias Utty (Angelica Simperler), a girl which was once saved by Aji twelve years ago became a famous film star right from her teenage life. But she annoys many people because of her narcissistic personality(always looks for attention). She doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings as long as she gets whatever she wants. Her childhood friends, Karina (Vizza Dara), Karel (Roy Sungkono) and her manager Frans (Ukka Rizky) was her only close ones.

Lately, Utty has been fighting with her mother (Virny Ismall) who keeps asking for her money. This causes her to leave her mother and stays in an apartment which happens to be next to Ali.

Utty was surprised and her ego was hurt when she realized Aji had no idea of who she is as a famous and gorgeous actress.  She began to disturb him every night after moving to her new apartment.

On the other hand, Aji was able to hear and see through walls when Utty argues with her mom over the phone, fights with her brother ordering him to go to their mother’s home and even when she sings while shouting to forget her frustrations.

She went back to school when her manager labeled him as “Beauty without brain” but she was hesitating about the commotion if she’ll continue it. Karel assured her to assist her if she go to school without knowing his admiration to her. She took advantage of it.

Utty decided to continue her education. She was surprised that the school was where Aji teaches. So as his neighbor, she expected to be treated well. But her assumptions turned out to be the opposite.

As time goes by, their arguments made them be close with each other. After sometime, Aji realized that Utty resembles to his the girl she saved and the ideal girl she liked back then.

Utty came to a point where problems arise on her family and especially on her career with her manager and the unending gossips about her. Seeing all this, Aji can’t resist her and tried to help her out. This made them be intimately close and unexpectedly fall in love with each other.

Unfortunately, both agreed not to end up being in a relationship because of Utty’s complicated life and Aji’s extraordinary immortal life.