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Dewi Bintari

Monday - Sunday, 8.00 PM

122 episode


Prabu Narayan ( Indra L. Brugman ) is known as the  wise king of the  Kalinga Kingdom.The Kalingga palace is full of laughter of the king's children.  Mahesa Ardhana ( Randy Martin ), l Mahesa Badrika ( Bagus Laitul ) , Mahesa Ganendra ( Wesley Andrew ) the fussy one, Mahesa Raditya ( Fadly Zaki ) the thinker, Bhanurasmi ( Anakia Lapea ) the cheerful and caring princess , Bhanuwati ( Cilla Irawan ) the cranky one and the youngest Ambhara ( Caroline Ollivia ).

King Narayan loves his children and he has no intentions of re marrying after the queen dies during the birth of Ambhara a year ago.His decision does not please Princess Shi Ma ( Ratu Felisha) of China. She wants to marry him in order to get power of all of Java. And so she comes up with a plan to marry him.Unfortunately, Princess Shi Ma doesn't get any support from the King's children. Right from the beginning, they do not like her at all.They try various ways to get her away from their father but she doesn't give up. She sends an army to harm the  Ardhana's but Dewi Bintari ( Luna Maya) comes to protect them. And ever since this, Dewi Bintari the angel becomes the Ardhana's protector.With her magic powers, Dewi Bintari prevents Princess Shi Ma from harming the Ardhana's. The Ardhana's don't stay quiet. They do everything they can to get their father away from Shi Ma.

In strange and funny ways, the Ardhana's try to get Princess Shi Ma away from their father. The princess feels suspicious of this. Slowly the Ardhana's accept Dewi Bintari as their caregiver and protector from the threats of Princess Shi Ma.

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Daniel Shivaei, Esa Sigit, Sandy Syarief, Zora Vidyanata, Chilla Irawan,