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Dia Anakku


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Fathiyah's real name is Kinar, daughter of Ramlan and Maya, a rich couple. When she was just a baby, her parents took her to meet Rahma (Ramlan's mother). On the way there, their plane meets with an accident. Their servants, Hasan and Lastri, also on the plane, manage to survive along with their child as well as Kinar.

However, Hasan and Lastri have bad intentions. They throw Kinar in the river and take their daughter to Rahma claiming her to be Kinar. Since Rahma has never met her grand daughter, she believes them. She looks after Kinar with so much love till she grows into an adult. Meanwhile the real Kinar grows up in a jungle amongst orang utans. 18 years later, the real Kinar grows up to become a beautiful, wild, agile woman but behaves like a monkey. One day, she accidentally saves Fadly's life. He is a successful businessman who is in the middle of looking for coal. Fadly feels indebted to her and names her 'Fathiyah' meaning 'the saviour'.

Fadly takes her to live with him and his family. At the same time, his wife returns from an overseas trip. As it turns out she is Maya, Kinar's real mother! Apparently during the accident, she was thrown out and she survived. She did try to find out about Ramlan and her daughter but was told that they both didn't survive. In shock, Maya afraid of being blamed, curbs her intentions to meet Rahma. She then goes out of the country where she marries Fadly, a widower with one child.

Neither Maya nor Fathiyah realize what their real relationship is. Maya, still traumatized by her accident in the jungle, avoids Fathiyah. On the other hand Fathiyah, who has never had a mother figure, tries to get close to Maya. As a result, Maya gets angry at Fathiyah and blames her for everything. Besides Maya, Fathiyah is involved in a conflict with Maya's step son Fathan. He doesn't like her at all because she's wild, careless and does a lot of mischief. From hatred, it develops into love. They both fall in love with each other. However Fathiyah must compete with another girl who is also in love with Fathan. The fake Kinar! The fake Kinar develops into a soft spoken woman and she falls in love with Fathan at first sight. Although they both love Fathan,the girls develop a close friendship and they both care for one another.

So what happens next? Will the past secret kept hidden for all these years by Hassan and Lastri come to light? And if Rahma comes to know of this, how will she react? Will Maya realize that the girl she has been blaming all this while is actually her own flesh and blood? What about the love triangle between Fathiyah-Fathan-Kinar? Catch Fathiyah's innocence filled with humour and this touching love story on 'Dia Anakku'!






Bemby Putuanda, Gracia Indri, Aryani Fitriana, Estelle Linden,