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Monday to Sunday, 10.00 PM

86 episode


Teddy and Alvin hold on to the rope while Bagus and Yudis go down the ravine. Meanwhile Bandiah and Aisyah are worried. Bagus and Yudis reach the bottom of the ravine. Inez hysterically greets them and she hugs Yudis. Bagus and Ayu exchange rings. Ayu kisses Bagus's hand and he kisses her forehead. Everyone applauds. The family  cries tears of happiness!

Ayu (Shireen Sungkar) is a cheerful, enthusiastic, hard headed and brave girl from Madura. She is brought up by her grandmother Bandiah. Ayu wants to become a famous hair dresser. Her boyfiend is Tirta ( Fendy Chow), a local doctor.

Tirta wants to marry Ayu but his mother Inez (Peggy Melati Sukma) is against this. Finally Inez is forced to agree as she can't go against her son whom she loves dearly. After marriage, Ayu is brought to Jakarta by Tirta's family. She meets   Tisa (Hasninda) and Yudis (Marcel Chandrawinata), Tirta's siblings. They both don't like Ayu.

One day, Ayu and Tirta are attacked by a robber. The robber stabs Tirta and he dies. Inez blames Ayu for his death and asks her to leave the house. Ayu is pregnant with Tirta's child. Burhan (Krisna Murti), Tirta's father, decides to allow Ayu to continue staying there as she is carrying their grandchild. Inez, with a heavy heart, is forced to accept Ayu back. Ayu, inspite of being pregnant, decides to get a job. She works in a salon belonging to Prita ( Febby Lawrence). She is Bagus's (Teuku Wisnu) mother.  Ayu and Bagus bump into each other very often. In the beginning Bagus feels Ayu is unlucky for him because every time he meets her, he is struck with bad luck.    But then he realizes that he is falling in love with her. How surprised is he when he finds out that she is a pregnant widow. He then decides to stay away from her as he feels it is beneath him to date a widow. His decision disappoints Ayu and she feels insulted.

Meanwhile, Yudis is dating Cahaya ( Ryana Dea). She is the daughter of  TEDDY (Boy Tirayoh) and AISYAH (Meriam Bellina). Actually, Cahaya is just using Yudis. She is in love with Bagus. Yudis is heart broken. Ayu tries to console him. He then realizes that Ayu is actually a very nice person and he begins to like her. Bagus begins to get close to Cahaya. Yudis tries to always be by Ayu's side. But Bagus is just too much in love with Ayu and he can't forget her. He chases after her to get her back. Cahaya is hurt and she hates Ayu. Yudis doesn't let Bagus take Ayu away from him. Bagus and Yudis compete with one another for Ayu's attention.  They do everything to fulfill her weird food cravings

Prita is against Bagus' relationship with Ayu. She doesn't want her son dating a pregnant widow. Inez too forbids this relationship. The baby in Ayu's womb is her grandchild and this child is all they have left of Tirta. Aisyah, Cahaya's mother, is suffering from a liver problem which has damaged the heart. . She is in need of a donor and the only one that matches is Ayu's. It is then revealed that Ayu is her real daughter. However Bandiah is against Ayu donating her organ for Aisyah.

What happens next? Will Ayu donate her organ for Aisyah? Will Ayu and Bagus get married? All the answers will be revealed in this touching family drama Ayu






Teuku Wisnu, Ryana Dea, Shireen Sungkar, Hasninda,