38 episode


The story begins with Maryam giving birth in the Suro month of  Muharam. The month in which Allah revealed miracles to the prophet. Maryam gives birth to a gifted child whom she named ENTONG. His birth makes the neighbour Minah feel envious. Along with Jamilah and Gembul, Minah start a rumour that Maryam has given birth to a genie. She is convinced that this baby will bring bad luck to everybody. Maryam, who live by selling chicken meat turns out to be quite skilled in martial arts and she is furious for being accused of giving birth to a genie.

When Entong turns 3 years old, Allah shows his greatness. Entong able to write in Arabic verses from the Al-Qur'an. When he turns 5, he can read the entire holy book. Minah is getting more envious of Maryam for giving birth to a child prodigy, and now she is more sure that this child is a genie. what more since his father left when Maryam was just one month pregnant.

Apart from this, there's Hj.Komariah, a rich woman in the village and Makmur who is obsessed to becoming a famous Ustad. Makmur and Hj.Komariah have a daughter named Laila who always hostile towards Entong. 

When turns 8, Entong notices how gifted he is. Whatever he says becomes a reality. 

He can fluently interpret each verse in the Qur'an. 

The Ustad feels that all of this knowledge is from Allah and so he wants to get more knowledge from Entong. Entong is a walking Qur'an where every word he says and action he does reflects the contents of the Qur'an

LAILA, WOWO, dan MIMI LEMOT  are a group of children who don’t like the gift that Entong has. Meanwhile, Entong was bestfriends with Ule and Topan.

Maryam isn't an ordinary person. She has inherited inner science and martial arts from Kong Jiih. She teach it to Entong so that he is able to defend himself when he grows up.

Entong is considered to be the gifted child that came from the skies to help everyone. People even come to him for healing. However he just a little child who straightening out what is wrong in the village in his own ways.

He is sure that one day he will meet his father.