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Monday to Sunday 7.00 PM

30 episode


Fathiyah and Maura meet Amanda when looking for Zuleha. Amanda is then asked by Maura to track Zuleha down like how a dog tracks down things. Fathiyah and Maura are finally able to find Zuleha who almost falls in a ravine. They save her. Zuleha then stares at Fathiyah wanting to tell her who she really is.

A young,  innocent and kind hearted girl is left alone in the jungle because people find her different. They think that she doesn't know any rules because she has no parents to educate her. She is sad and wants to know who her parents are. While she is praying and looking up at the sky, suddenly a bottle falls down. Actually Fahri ( Evan Sanders) throws it. He is a cool and rich guy playing with a parachute in the jungle

She thinks this is a sacred bottle which will help her in finding her parents and so she carries the bottle everywhere. Accidentally, she meets Fahri who is stuck in a tree. In their first meeting, they both fight till she leaves with the bottle containing a ring from Amanda ( Dinda Kanya dewi), Fahri's girlfriend. Amanda is haughty and arrogant. Then she meets 5 children DEDEN, OHAN, OGENG, PEPI and NONI. She helps them from falling into a ravine. Noni names her "Fathiyah" (Aryani Fitriana) for saving them.

Fathiyah then takes Deden and friends back to the village. When they get there, she creates a ruckus at a wedding ceremony of Juragan Didin, the father of those 5 children. Juragan Didin dies due to a heart attack. His new wife Maura and her mother are furious when then find out that they can only get his  wealth after Deden and the rest are 21 years old. MAURA (Gracia Indri) and RENI(Yurike Prastike) ill treat the children. Fathiyah, Deden and the rest of them decide to go to Jakarta to look for their birth mother. There they meet Saliha ( Marina SS), a very kind and wealthy old lady who happens to be Fahri's grandmother. She is shocked to see Fathiyah because she resembles her deceased daughter.

Saliha then invites Fathiyah, Deden and friends to live in her house. Fahri is upset because of this. Things get all the more complicated when Maura and Reni also stay there. What happens next in Fathiyah's life?






Dinda Kanyadewi, Evan Sanders, Aryani Fitriana,