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Gajah Mada

Monday - Sunday on 8.30 PM

106 episode


Jawangkati and Mangrani advise Mada to always do what is right because Biyung is worried that Mada was the one who broke into the palace warehouse. Mada brings some food stuff and stops infront of a shack belonging to a woman. He puts the food infront of her door. The mother and child open the door and see a lot of food placed there but she doesn't allow her child to take the food.

The birth of Gajah Mada (Rafael Putra ISMY) is marked by heavy thunder and lightning, a sign that he would grow up to become a great man. Jawangkati,his father, is a powerful warrior and leader of the Majapahit soldiers. He wants his son to follow in his footsteps and become a leader as well.  However, he loses his life on the battlefield and Majapahit is taken over by the Tar-tar soldiers from China. All he leaves behind for his son is his powerful weapon, the Gada Ruja Pala.Lailan Mangrani is very sad to know that her husband lost on the Laga field. But her sadness is shortlived due to the birth of her son Gajah Mada.  Lailan (Zora Vidyanata) doesn't want her son to become a warrior. She even forbids him from learning the art of using his inner strength. The reason she forbids him is because she doesn't want to lose her loved one again.  Gajah Mada secretly learns this art from Eyang Wungkuk Hanuraga (Barry Prima) till he becomes an expert in self defence. Kebo Ireng (Adam Farrel) is the son of a former soldier and he loves to harm and trouble people. Gajah Mada defends the people as it is in his nature to fight for the truth and the weak.

Eyang Wungkuk teaches various types of this art.  Gajah Mada loves helping everyone out and he defends his friends.  This makes Nyai Klowi (Anne J Coto) furious, she is a powerful woman who causes chaos in the village. The 2 followers of Nyai Klowi, Carubawor and Bajulbali lost to Gajah Mada when they were robbing some of the villagers.  Nyai Klowi, queen of the forbidden forest, then orders the snake of the river, Ragir Kuning, to attack the village and take them to be sacrificed. It turns out the Giant snake loses to Gajah Mada.  Nyai Klowi then again asks the snake to send troops to attack and destroy Gajah Mada's village and to destroy his family. Many huge snakes enter the village causing the death of many of the villagers. The snakes eat them up. Gajah Mada's mother is also attacked by the snake when she is watering her plants in the garden.  After finding out that his mother was eaten by the snake, Gajah Mada  immediately goes after the giant yellow snake. He manages to save his mother and the villagers.  At every moment, Gajah Mada  is there to fight for the truth and to get rid off all evil.






Adhi Pawitra, Daniel Shivaei, Marcel Domits, Ryana Dea, Zora Vidyanata,