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This is the story of Maya, a 26-year-old woman. Her father (Subrata Manik) left the family when she was little. Her life became even more miserable after her mother died. Maya traveled to Jakarta to take revenge on her father and his new family.

In Jakarta, Maya finds that her father, Subrata Manik, is the principle of an elite school. When she sees an advertisement for a football coach at the school, she sees her opportunity to get closer to her father. Subrata Manik is surprised when a beautiful, woman turns up to be interviewed. In the interview, Subrata Manik is amazed. Maya is not like other women; her skills and strategies are excellent. She is the best person for the job.

Time passes and Maya's strength and determination gains a lot of respect from her colleagues, including Pak Andi. At first he was angry with Maya as a lot of his students left his classes to be coached by her, but he soon starts to notice more about Maya. She has unique eyes; she is a pretty woman full of mystery. He also sees something else in her eyes, he's not sure what it is, maybe anger. What could be wrong with Maya?

Slowly but surely Maya works her way into Subrata Manik's family. At first everybody is happy, but after a while Subrata Manik becomes suspicious. He carries on as normal in front of his family and Maya, but starts to investigate Maya's past. After finding out that Maya is his own daughter, Subrata Manik confronts her with the truth. He begs Maya for forgiveness. He understands why she would want to hurt his family. He explains that he has had to hide his past from his wife to be accepted into her family, the owners of the school.

Maya accepts his apology; Subrata Manik is quietly pleased for her forgiveness. He knows he has wronged Maya but wants to make up for the past. Maya is still angry but what can she do? She decides to leave with sorrow in her heart. The truth is that Maya has come to enjoy working at the school. She feels like it is meant to be. She likes her students Doni and Meta, and especially her colleague Andi. She had even grown fond of Yenni, Subrata Manik's wife, who always treats Maya like a daughter.

Subrata Manik, encouraged by his family, tries to find Maya. Will Subrata Manik be able to persuade Maya to return? What will happen between Maya and Andi?