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Ana is an orphan, who lives with her stepmother Mrs. Eli, a fortuneteller. Mrs. Eli treats Ana as her stepdaughter. She even considers Ana jinxed. She uses Ana only to get money. Tino, Ana's brother from the same father, hates the way Ana is treated. Tino who is still a child cannot defend Ana from her mother. Their maid feels the same way. Eventhough they cannot do anything to help Ana, they always pray for her, and God finally listens to their prayers.

From the first time he sees Ana, Adrian falls in love. Adrian comes from a rich family. He is a good man, even though he is not too religious. He is looking for true love and never thinks much about wealth, which is the opposite of how his family feels. Mrs. Ratna (Adrian's mother) and Lika (Adrian's sister) are very materialistic. They resent Adrian and Ana's relationship. With the help of Hasyim and Vina (Adrian's uncle and aunt), they try to thwart Adrian and Ana's romance. But love conquers everything. Adrian leaves his family, and lives a poor life in a small flat with his best friend Surya to get Ana's attention. God listens to his wishes, and he finally manages to marry Ana. His marriage goes well because Arman (his brother) helps him.

Arman is a wise, mature and responsible man. Arman really loves his brother and understands his character very well. Because of him, Adrian's family can accept Ana in their house. But their hatred does not dissipate. They keep trying their level best to separate Adrian and Ana in many ways. After some time, Adrian and Ana have an accident on their honeymoon. Ana survives but Adrian is missing. Everybody thinks that Adrian is dead. But Ana still believes that God will not separate her from her husband. They finally find Adrian. But Adrian has lost his memory. He doesn't remember anything about his past.

Adrian's family uses this condition. Mrs. Ratna, Lika, Hasyim and Vina manage to influence Adrian. They use Ana's pure brotherly relationship with Arman as a weapon to make Ana look bad in front of Adrian. Until finally Adrian, who was very close to Arman, hates him. Even his love for Ana turns into revenge because Adrian thinks that Ana betrayed him and used him only to get his wealth. But Ana's faith conquers all. Ana triumphs over all her troubles. She bears hate and insult with a smile. She only prays to God, and gives all to Him. Behind every ordeal there must be a gift waiting.

A dramatic romance that is full of religious undertones. Hikmah asks the audience to have faith in God. Behind every dark cloud is a silver lining. God only presents troubles to make humans stronger and truer to God and oneself.