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Hikmah 2


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Hikmah 2 continues the story of Adrian & Ana, a couple immersed in happiness after overcoming various trials in their past. They live with Adrian’s mother, Ibu Ratna and his brother, Arman. More joy come their way with Arman and Livia’s wedding. But life has more trials in store for the family and suddenly, It begins with the death of Ibu Eli, Ana’s stepmother, upon her arrival from Mecca. This results in Ana bringing her disabled brother Tino, and her loyal helper, Umi to Jakarta to live with her. Then, a tragic accident befalls Arman who loses his fiancée on their wedding day. Livia falls from the stairs and bleeds to death.

Ana and her family accept all the tragedies, and sincerely believe that all dark clouds have a silver lining. But people from their past continue to begrudge them their happiness. Vina and Hasyim, Adrian’s aunt and uncle, are after Adrian’s wealth. This time Eva, a beautiful girl who will become Arman’s wife, helps them.

After Livia’s death, Eva comes into Arman’s life and becomes his saving grace. Arman, who is besotted by her, marries her. When Arman has an accident and is paralyzed, he discovers Eva’s true nature. Eva takes over the company and the family’s assets. Ana, Adrian and his mother are left with nothing and have to live in poverty.

In her misery, Ana starts getting excruciating headaches, which she keeps from the rest of her family so as not to burden them further. During this time Ana meets Hendra, who becomes her best friend and helps her deal with her problems. However, Hendra expects more than just friendship from Ana. He wants her love in return for his help, seeking to steal Ana from Adrian.

Throughout the story, Ana is able to provide strength to her family and inspire her friends to hold on and return to the right path. Trials don’t take away Ana’s belief in God but rather, brings her closer to Allah. Through prayer and fasting during the holy month, Ana embodies the wisdom and faith needed to overcome all of life’s challenges.