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Hikmah Illahi - Eps 5 Kualat kepada orang tua

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5 episode


Fadil (Boy Tirayoh) and Amirah ( Lita Suwardi) are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. At the party, Fadil shows off their 2 children Fariz (Fadlan) and Sandy(Marchel Chandrawinata) to the guests.

Monika ( Anastasia ), Fariz's wife, thinks the party is such a waste of money whereas the value of the party can't be compared to the strength of their love.Monika asks Fariz to ask for his share of wealth from his parents and he gets angry.

Monika seduces him to ask his parents for money to start a new business. Sandy also asks for more money for her university. For the sake of his children, Fadil, who works as a manager in a bank,deliberately asks for his pension funds in order to get the money for his children.

When Fadil retires from work, neither Sandy nor Fariz want to live with their parents. They infact want Fadil and Amirah to live separately. Fadil is shocked but he remains patient. And so he goes to stay with Fariz and Amirah stays with Sandy. They are both treated cruelly by their children.

Monika has no respect for her father in law. Strangely, Fariz supports her attitude. Fadil is disappointed but he still tries to be patient. He works as a cleaning service so that he is able to buy a mobile to communicate with his wife.

At Sandy's house, Amirah is given the room which was a bathroom. Sandy even dares to slap her own mother. One day Amirah falls ill and no one is there to help her. At that time, Ayu appears. She is an orphan raised by Fadil at an orphanage. Amirah is taken care of till she becomes well. Amirah and Fadil are touched by Ayu. She is not even their flesh and blood but still she has so much love for them.

After this, tragedy falls on Fariz, Sandy and Monika.

ariz is arrested for doing drugs. Sandy gets assaulted with an ax by a criminal. Monika gets electrocuted at home.As it turns out, God does have his eyes open and he can see what injustice is being done to Amirah and Fadil. As the saying goes, The prodigal son got what he deserved!