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Ibu Aku Ingin Ayah

Monday to Sunday, 10.00 PM

5 episode


As a single parent, Anisya (Desy Ratnasari) lives with her mother Ninuk ( Marini Burhan). They often argue when Azka (Keiko Warman), her son, asks about his father. Anisya has told him that his father is a sailor of the Bahari Nusantara ship and he is always on the move. One day, Anisya is diagnosed by the doctor to be having a hereditary disease leading to blindness. She is all the more sad when she hears that Azka has the same disease.

At School. Azka is often bullied by Ulil ( Fazril Hakim) who keeps asking him for proof about his father really being a sailor. As luck would have it, the newspaper has news  about Bahari Nusantara being in their hometown.  Ulil challenges Azka to go and meet his father there. This angers Anisya because the fact is that Azka's father is not a sailor. Mpok Mumum ( Rita Hamzah) advises Anisya to ask help from a male friend to pretend to be the father.

Dimas ( Dicky Wahyudi) who has often helped Anisya, comes to the dock to meet Azka pretending to be his dad. Rendra (Adam Jordan), Azka's real father, had a  heart problem. Before he death, Ranum his younger sibling tries to help in looking for Azka. One day Rendra meets with an accident and he is helped by Azka and taken to the hospital. Knowing this, Anisya is worried that Rendra's family will take away her son. Finally. Ranum succeeds in finding Azka and asks him to meet his father who is in a coma. With a heavy heart, he agrees. Rendra passes away in the arms of Azka. After this, Dimas, who turns out to be Rendra's brother, proposes to Anisya as he is in love with her. When she is in two minds about this, Azka tells her, " Mum, I want a father