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This is a story about three young people who try to get out from their miserable lives. This is not an ordinary love story; it is a tale about jealousy and black magic that can separate two people. About trust and faith that can make them believe in the power of Allah.

Iman is an orphan, born to a poor family. Pak Imran is a businessman, who adopts Iman. Iman grows as a nice, sincere and rational young man who really loves his mother, Astuti. Pak Imran on the other hand, always keeps his distance from Iman. In most situations, Imran and Iman do not see eye to eye. Iman, who studies in Jakarta, meets Naia on campus. They are instantly attracted and fall in love with each other. Their personalities are not the same. Naia is a beautiful, warm, smart, brave, and funny girl. Iman is confident, patient and always rational. Naia comes from a middle class family. Laksmi, her mom, works full time and is not too religious. She has brought up Naia in a tough, authoritarian manner.

The girl who tries to ruin Iman’s and Naia’s relationship is none other than Gina, Naia's school mate. Gina who is pretty, sexy and gets a lot of attention from her schoolmates, also loves Iman. But he doesn't love her. Because Iman loves Naia. Gina doesn't let this lie. She finds another way. Her mom, Sumini, is a black magic psychic. She asks her mom to help her, so that Iman can be separated from Naia and fall for Gina. Because her mom loves her daughter, Sumini is willing to do anything to make her happy. While Sumini is busy casting her spell, something else happens. Astuti, who has just finished shopping, falls down on the road trying to avoid a car that wants to hit her. Astuti dies. Losing his mom drowns Iman in sadness.

In his weakened condition, Iman becomes an easy target for Sumini and her black magic. Iman starts taking drugs. Sumini does not only chase after Iman, but also Naia. Naia's faith in Allah is not strong and soon, they are both addicted to drugs. Naia is trapped and dragged far into a paranoid world. She lives in fear. But in the darkness appears a light. Reza, a former hoodlum is now living peacefully in AL IKHLAS, a religious boarding house. Reza who had a dark past, now becomes the light who guides Naia's heart. He convinces and enrolls Naia into AL IKHLAS.

When she is in the boarding house, Naia tries to avoid Reza. But his love makes Naia helpless. She tries to wipe her memory of Iman. During that time, a drastic change happens. Naia falls in love with Reza. In that healing process from drug addiction in AL IKHLAS boarding house, Reza always accompanies Naia. Until one day, something happenes and reminds her of the entire episode of her life that she has left behind, including her love for Iman.

She is determined to help Iman surface from the darkness that has engulfed him. But then, whom will she choose? Her first love? Or the man who showed her the true path of Allah?