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Karena Cinta


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Karena Cinta is a story of one of the most respected schools in Jakarta, and the lives of the pupils and the staff who work there. Dea is a young intelligent girl who comes from a poor family. She won a scholarship to the school solely because of her intellectual ability. Edo is Pandu's son, the Founding Chairman of the school. Edo is very handsome, but he is also arrogant and spoiled. He always gets what he wants. Edo, supported by his two best friends (Andre and Tania), is the most popular boy in school.

New to the school is Lestari, the secretary of the school principal, Rama. Lestari also comes from a poor family; she is an optimistic and energetic woman. This strongly contrasts from Rama, who is a very straight and introverted character. This difference in personality causes problems between the two. They always argue and misunderstand each other.

One day, Lisa, Dea’s friend, puts her forward to become the chairperson on the school organization. This causes Dea to interact with Edo. Edo is upset that Dea may beat him, so he sets about with his friends to take revenge. While all this is going on, romance is developing between Lestari and Rama, but Rama has dark secrets in his past. At the same time Edo starts to have feelings towards Dea. He asks his friends to help him get her. But by doing this, Andre falls for Dea too.

Will Dea come between the two friends? What will Lestari do when she finds out about Rama's past? The answers will be revealed in this touching, romantic and heart warming drama. Karena Cinta will make you laugh, smile and cry.

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