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Kau Dan Aku


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Aldi, is a mid twenties, handsome, blind young man. But this blindness doesn't affect his confidence at all. One day he meets Mila, a beautiful and adorable 23 year old. Mila is a doctor who helps him with his eye transplant. Slowly, Aldi starts to fall in love with Mila. But Mila sees him only as a patient.

Reno, is a another mid twenties handsome young man, is Aldi's best friend, who studies in America. Reno comes back to Jakarta and reunites with Aldi and so Aldi tells him about how he loves a woman, but he doesn't have the guts to tell her. Reno offers to help him and Aldi accepts it. With Aldi's permission, Reno meets the woman Aldi loves. What a surprise for him to find out that the woman is Mila. Mila is actually Reno’s old girl friend from America. Reno is faced with a difficult choice. Reno promises himself to make Mila Aldi's girlfriend. He does this to make up for what he did fifteen years ago; he accidentally caused Aldi's blindness.

Ibu Maria, is Reno’s mother, she is in her mid forties. Reno's mother senses something is wrong. She asks Reno to forget Aldi and marry Mila. Reno rejects this, then Ibu Maria threatens that she will stop Reno’s plan. She does this because she doesn't want to let Mila go from Reno. She makes many attempts to get her way.

Two best friends love the same woman. Whom will Mila choose?