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Kisah Adinda


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Adinda (16 years old) is a smart, innocent girl. Her childhood was spent in an orphanage. Physical pressure and mental intimidation marked her time in the orphanage and she yearned to leave. Adinda's prayers were answered, when Miranti comes and adopts her. Adinda is really happy, with a bright future waiting for her.

However, she doesn't fit in within her new neighborhood, and her dream of a bright future begins to fade. She starts to get bullied by the other students. Akbar, the most popular boy at school starts to feel sorry for Adinda, but his gilfriend, Olga, a rich and arrogant girl, becomes jealous of his sympathy for her. She, and her gang, begin a campaign of intimidation. At home things aren't going well either. Praditya, her stepfather, wishes for a child of his own blood from his wife. After a while, with pressure from Praditya’s family, the question of the legality of the adoption is raised.

Adinda is eventually accused of being a thief and is thrown out of the house. On the streets she meets Tofan, a street-wise down and out, who befriends her. He looks after her, and in doing so learns a lot from her about the meaning of friendship. Love starts to grow in his heart, and one day he asks her to be his girlfriend. Adinda is torn for all this time; she has been keeping a secret. She only dreams about being with Akbar, the boy who showed her kindness at school. What should she do? She feels trapped, as she also has strong feelings for Tofan. She needs to resolve all this as well as the problems with her adopted family.

The answers unfold in a sweet, exciting, tense, funny and affectionate story called 'KISAH ADINDA'.