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Kiara is a sweet and an obedient student, one day she helps Arga, a trouble maker in the school, and his two friends, Rio and Dika, from Tombak. Since then, Arga promised Kiara that he will always protect her. They fall in love with each other. But unfortunately, Kiara’s father, Lukman, doesn’t agree to their relationship. As he feels Arga is a trouble maker.  The moment when Arga was expelled from the school. Lukman immediately makes plan to send Kiara to study abroad, but then Kiara refuses it and runs away from the house and then decides to live in a rent house with Arga. Arga works hard to pay Kiara’s college fee. And because of that, he decides to ask Rio to take care of her while he’s not there. This hurts Kiara eventually she gets close to Rio.

Lukman and Marini finally find Kiara. But she refuses to go back home. Lukman gets angry and even decides to erase Kiara from his heir list. Kiara feels sad but she accepts it. The relationship between Kiara and Arga  gets worse. By that time, Rio becomes Kiara’s shoulder to cry on.

Their relationship makes Arga jealous and then he fights with Rio. And right at that time, Tombak comes and uses that moment to rape Kiara. Luckily Rio comes and helps her, he lands up killing Tombak, and result he gets jailed. How will Arga manage to know the truth?