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Malin Kundang


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Malin kundang is a single child who lives in Padang, West Sumatera, with his mother, Zaenab. She is a widow, working as a tailor and laborer on Pak Salim's fields to fend for her son.

Pak Salim is a wealthy landowner who wants Bu Zaenab to be his wife. Malin understands this, but he hates Pak Salim and doesn't want them to marry. Lili is Pak Salim's daughter, who has fallen in love with Malin. Her love is unrequited, the hate Malin has for her father means that he doesn't want anything to do with her.

Malin dreams of becoming a rich man. He leaves his mother alone and travels to Jakarta to find riches. Malin has a friend (Pak Harun) in Jakarta who said he would help him with some work. While on his way to Pak Harun, he is robbed and left with no money and no way of contacting Pak Harun.  Alone in the big city Malin has to use any possible means to survive.

In Jakarta Malin meets a girl, Kartika, who is a very rich young woman. Over time, they become romantically involved. Malin's mother, after hearing no news from her son begins to worry. Finally she decides to go to Jakarta to find out what has happened to her son. Zaenab and Lili both set off to Jakarta to look for Malin.






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