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Mata Hati


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Livia is a pretty girl with a good heart, loved by so many. But things are not as good as they seem. Livia has been blind since birth, and both of her parents have passed away. Livia lives with her maid Bu Darmi, who is rather careless.

One day Livia is at the mall, when a man called Frans finds her bag. Witout realizing it, Frans stops Livia from being robbed. Frans and Livia become friends, and eventually love blossoms between them. But misfortune is not far away. Just as she finds happiness in her life, a man she only knows as Pak Hambali rapes her. Livia is devastated and almost manages to commit suicide, but Frans finds her in time. She tells Frans what happened to her. Frans swears that he will still accept her as his wife, but he begs her not to tell anyone about what happened to her so that his family will never find out.

Things return to normal and their relationship starts to become strong again. Monica, Fran's sister, helps persuade their family to accept the marriage. When Frans and Livia are almost engaged, Livia gets a terrible shock. Her future brother in law, Monica's husband, has the same voice as the man who raped her, but his name is Johan. She flees in terror.

By chance she meets a lawyer called Indra who has also had problems with Johan. Indra's father was a policeman who was killed by Johan's father. Due to Johan’s family powerful connections, nothing ever happened to him. Indra tried to take legal action, but was unable to get anywhere, as Johan's father could afford the best lawyers money could buy. Together Indra and Livia might be able to get justice for crimes committed by Johan, and his family.

Frans pleads with Livia to stop what she is doing, while Indra begins to fall in love with her. Will Livia get the justice she is looking for? And who will win her heart, her first love or her savior?