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Mawar Melati


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Anna never thought that Adwin, a man from the city who had come to her village to work on a construction project, was a married man. She only found this out when she went to meet him at his house and there he roughly asks her to leave. He tells his wife, Renata, who had just come from the city, that Anna was somebody who worked at the factory and was asking for money. Anna is heartbroken.

A few months later, Anna and Renata both deliver their babies on the same day and at the same hospital in that village. When Anna sees the happiness in Adwin and Renata, her motherly feelings come out and she wants to protect her baby and feels that the baby deserves to get the best from Adwin. Anna then exchanges the babies in the hospital. Since she is so hurt by Renata and Adwin, she treats their baby like a step child.

Mawar, who is actually Adwin and Anna’s child, is raised by Renata and Adwin. Meanwhile Melati who is actually Adwin and Renata’s child, is raised by Anna. Anna manages a flower store. Melati’s life is very sad, Anna is never satisfied by anything that she does. But as her name suggests, Melati is very patient, considerate and strong. Meanwhile, Mawar is pampered and often quarrels with her mother. Melati has high ambitions, she works hard till she gets a scholarship at the same university as Mawar.

Fate makes the two girls meet through Raja. Putri, Raja’s sister, is a good friend of Mawar and tries to fix them up together. Actually Raja has been attracted to Melati ever since he saw her at the flower shop. A love triangle arises between Mawar, Raja and Melati. Melati gets more confused because Anna always blames her and defends Mawar. Besides the conflicts of Melati, Mawar and Raja, the conflict in Adwin’s house is no less. Sandra, the woman Adwin is having an affair with, tries to destroy the relationship between Adwin and Renata. Also the love conflicts of Raja’s sisters, Putri and Rani, which are just as exciting!