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17 episode


Since childhood, Hafizah has been living at an orphanage without knowing who her parents are. A lot of people like her simple, cheerful, and tom boy nature. Unfortunately on her 18th birthday, Hafizah has to leave the orphanage as per the rules and regulations. Her life then changes. She is asked to work at Widuri's house, a rich and famous old lady who is known for being mean and grumpy. Hafizah's attitude of saying whatever is in her heart often lead to clashes with Widuri. Surya, Widuri's son, and his wife, Vani, persuade Hafizah to continue working there. Actually, it is not just Widuri whom Hafizah has to deal with but also Rian, Widuri's grandson. Rian's spoilt brat attitude leads to arguments. With time, Hafizah learnts that Rian is the way he is because his parents are unhappy with  one another. Vani was not Surya's choice, The woman he loves is actually Wahida but unfortunately their relationship was not accepted by Widuri and her husband because Wahida was just a maid. Vani is aware of this and is disappointed with her husband that she finds solace in alcohol only.

Every time Hafizah is shouted at by Widuri or even fighting with Rian, Hafizah goes to Arya to pour out her feelings to. Arya is Vani's nephew who also lives there with his father, Afzal. Compared to Rian, Arya is of the quiet type. He spends most of his time in his room drawing. Arya hates his father. According to him, his mother and his girlfriend passed away because his father was driving under the influence of alcohol. The similarity between Hafizah and his late girlfriend gives Arya the will to live.

When Hafizah continues to treat Arya as a close and trusting friend, she comes to know that Arya is in love with her. At one instance, tomboy Hafizah dresses up really well and goes to a party  where even Rian is present. Rian the playboy doesn't recognize Hafizah as the maid, He too falls in love with her.  Hafizah is determined to teach this playboy a lesson by fooling him with her false love. But in the end, Hafizah gets trapped in a love triangle between both the cousins.