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Panggil Gue Haji

Monday - Sunday, 9.00 PM

31 episode


Bangkit asks Roshid to come home. He is upset because Roshid had a party in honor of his daughter's engagement and didn't invite Bangkit. He also tells him that actually he wanted his son Ali to get married to Roshid's daughter. Roshid is surprised. Bangkit tells Khadijah that he is very sad because Ali has left the house. He regrets not pairing up Ali with Hanifah.

Bangkit ( Jarwo Kwat) is a trader of souvenirs and supplies. Its not that he doesn't believe in God or religion, its just that he has been disappointed with the practice of religion in his neighborhood. Bangkit

is selfish and emotional. He has four children   Ali (Ikhsan Idol), Siti, Farhan (Ibad) and Hanna (Chilla Iravan) - His loving wife is Khadijah ( Chaya Camila) Salam (Oni Sos) is his assistant in the shop. He has really come to understand Bangkit's character. Bangkit has a childhood friend named Roshid ( Dicky Chandra) who has the same attitude like Bangkit. Roshid has only one child with his wife, Rohman ( Rani Permata). His daughter, Hanifah ( Aryani Fitriana)  is the apple of his eye. She is studying in Cairo.

On day, in the village, a religious sermon is held by Ustadz Maniez ( Agus Kuncoro) who is famous on TV. Inspite of being  a celebrity Ustadz, the people cherish him and follow all his sermons. All the people in Bangkit's village go and attend his sermon. However, Bangkit feels they all are being duped by Ustadz who is hypocrite. But Khadijah forces him to go and he has no choice but to attend it. At the sermon, Bangkit then asks the Ustadz stupid questions and makes fun of him. The people are upset and tell him that he will suffer for doing this. However Bangkit doesn't believe them.

When returning home from this, Bangkit's store catches fire. Everyone tells him that this is his punishment. He goes to claim his insurance. But they turn him down after hearing from Salam that his shop got burnt as a result of what he said to Allah. Bangkit is furious. He then accuses Ustadz Maniez of causing the fire. Ustadz doesn't accept this accusation and pretends to not know Bangkit.

He goes to court to file charges. His actions create headlines everywhere Everyone talks about him. Khadijah, Roshid and Salam try to stop him but he stands firm on his ground.  Will Bangkit succeed in suing Ustadz Maniez? What happens next?  Watch all this on “PANGGIL GUE HAJI!






Bemby Putuanda, Aryani Fitriana, Chilla Irawan,