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Raja dan Aku

Monday to Friday 7.00 PM

65 episode


Ahmad feels cornered because  Laila, Agus and Tomtom are still punishing him. Moreover, Hasan's team gets lesser due to being finished off by Armand and Dana. With whatever strength he has left, Ahmad takes out a gun. Falco has won a deer head which is on display. He quickly takes it out and throws it to the guard. The guard turns and it hits him on the forehead. He falls down unconscious. Chelsea is speechless. She smiles at Falco.

Abdullah is king of a small kingdom Sambara which lies on the north of Brunei Darussalem. King Abdullah marries an Indonesian woman of noble heritage named Ajeng Pertiwi. After being married for 8 years they are blessed with a daughter named Kartini who will be the next successor to the throne. King Abdullah's brother Hasan is married to Hanin. They are very upset when the king gets a child. Hanin, obsessed with becoming the queen, initially tried for Abdullah but he didn't love her and so she married Hasan. Hanin at first thought that maybe Queen Ajeng is barren or if King Abdullah were to die, then her son Armand would take over the throne. But with the birth of Kartini, Armand's chance of becoming king grew smaller. Because of this, Hanin tries to get rid off Kartini. She makes a plan where the Queen and the baby meet with an accident while on a ship. After the queen and her daughter are pronounced dead, Hanin is certain that Armand will be the future king. It turns out Queen Ajeng survived the accident. With all her strength she holds Kartini in her arms, wraps her , puts her in a bassinet and let's her sail in the sea praying that God protects her daughter. Agus and Laila are a couple leading a simple life but they haven't been blessed with children. They are both working illegally in Sambara. Agus works as a fisherman. One day, when Agus is fishing, a basket gets caught in his net. It turns out to be a baby. They are so happy with this. They name the baby Chelsea because Agus is a fan of the football team Chelsea. A few days later, they both are sent back to Indonesia because people find out that they are illegal migrants. They take Chelsea with them.

Chelsea (Kartini) grows up to be a pretty girl, strong, imaginative and cheerful. She has a younger brother named Dion. Agus and Laila want to make some money and they work really hard to save up so that Chelsea can attend the best school in Jakarta. After Queen Ajeng and baby Kartini's death, Raja Abdullah decides to not re marry. Armand will be the future king. He is put in the best school in Jakarta where Queen Ajeng also went to. Prince Armand is an introvert and he doesn't really want to be King. He prefers to live free. He doesn't want to have an arranged marriage and wishes to find his own life partner. But in front of others he shows himself to be a strong leader. Armand meets Chelsea at Putra Bangsa School. She makes him feel comfortable. He falls in love with her. However he has competition. Falco, another student on scholarship, is also Chelsea's friend. Falco is different from Armand. He is a happy go lucky extrovert but he is very smart. Falco, Armand and Chelsea hang out with one another and they have their own secret lives. At one point later, the secrets get revealed and turn their lives upside down.






Randy Pangalila, Sonya Fatmala, Adly Fayruz, Audric Ardian Pratama,