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Sampeyan Muslim?


120 episode


Maruk loses Mariyam (his wife). Meanwhile Hasan and his family are getting things ready for his wedding with Shiva ( Abu's younger sister), Tebe and Bahar manage to escape from being kidnapped and are reunited with their family. Meanwhile, grief also strikes Yani ( Della Puspita). She has to divorce her husband Komar (JACKY ZIMAH) because he is useless and not at all responsible towards the family. There are 2 weddings in this episode: One is between Hasan and Shiva. Maruk is supposed to marry Yani even though Mariyam has just been buried.

A lot of people admit to being Moslem but just on the outside.  A lot of them admit they can pray whereas all they can is read the Holy Book. They admit to being Moslem but they have no idea of the history of their Prophet. They do as they have been told by their Allah without actually knowing why.

Like the rich Bang Ma'ruf (Khairul) who thinks that his wealth is only due to his hard work. Everytime people ask him for help, he complains and gets angry. That is why he still hasn't been able to marry as no woman can bear the way he talks.

Then there's Jejen (Jejen) who is married and has a child but his job is counting other people's sins. For him there is no difference between sin and reward, what's important is that his wife and child (Rita Hamzah and TB) get food to eat.

Ali and Umar (Attar Syah & Ferdiyan) are 2 young men who live in the same village and all they do is just hang around. They were once mortal enemies however after being taught and understanding their religion thanks to the arrival of Ustad Abu (David Chalik) they became friends.

Abu was an ex goon who is now an Ustad and is respected by the villagers. It is often said to imply faith to life. Abu has a younger sister Sifa (Indah Permatasari) who is liked by Hasan (Adly Fairus). Hasan  was thrown out by his father because he converted to Moslem. He then rents a house along with Umar and is taught by Umar about the religion. To be honest, Umar has sufficient knowledge about the religion. Apart from him is Ki Tejo (Willy Siung) who is happy to do charity but has no idea about his religion and even a lot of what he says is often misleading.

Yes it is true that Indeed science and knowledge can be dangerous, but it would be more dangerous when humans misguide morals. Such as Lukman (Ida Bagus Oka) who when became rich, treated his mother as a slave because his wife said so as she was rich. And his mother, Emak, willingly accepts this as long as her child is happy.

This is life! Happiness cannot be measured with money, sins and rewards have no difference anymore. Like someone having a tattoo as he considers it a work of art, but another one may find it sinful as he has ruined his skin given by Allah. It is said that 'Sin doesn't come out as warts on one's skin, if it did then the body would be full of sin'. Now we must determine and be honest with ourselves when someone asks 'Are You Moslem?'






Indah Permatasari,