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Segalanya Cinta

Monday - Friday, 10.00PM

34 episode


Risa chooses to marry Salim after getting disappointed with her boyfriend Bima's behaviour. Bima is broken hearted and forced to marry Lany, Risa's maid, who is pregnant with his child. When Lani is about to give birth, Bima becomes a fugitive due to a motorbike theft.Bima hurriedly escapes and accidentally collides with Hendrik. Hendrik's wife Riana is in a state of shock when she sees her husband die. They had just been blessed with a baby boy Rifky.Bima panics and asks his brother Andika who works at the hospital to help him.Here Bima meets Salim, his rival.He feels revengeful looking at the harmonious relationship between Salim and Risa. It turns out that Risa is about to give birth as well.Bima forces Andika to kidnap the baby. Andika refuses.The police catch Bima and put him in jail.Lany gives birth to a baby girl named Salsa and Risa also gives birth to a baby girl named Billa.

15 years later, Billa and Salsa have grown into teenagers.Billa lives a luxurious life and Salsa lives the life of a scavenger.

The hard life makes Salsa want to do any kind of work and she is a good hearted and warm person.

Billa grows up to be cold,stubborn and lonely. Bima hates Salsa because the day she was born,was the day he went to jail. However, Salsa tries to get close to her father.She even aims to become a lawyer so that she can help get him out of jail. Fate makes Salsa and Billa meet. They both join the same elite school and are in the same class. Salsa is unaware that Risa gave her the sponsorship. They are both clever and this causes jealousy and enemity between the two.Moreover when Rifky, the guy Risa likes, happens to be after Salsa. Billa is upset with Kenny, a boy from a poor family, because he chases her.Billa tries to harm Salsa.Andika is haunted by his past sins. He defends Salsa and accidentally lets out the truth that Billa is not Risa-Salim's real child.

Billa secretly does a DNA test and the results are positive! She is in a dilemma. She tries to keep this a secret but fails. When she grabs the DNA results which Salsa had collected, Billa falls from the stairs and bleeds. From this point, the past gets revealed. The dilemma of a mother who didn't realize that the child she was raising wasn't really her own.

Salim as well as Bima both want their real daughters back. However Risa and Lany dont want this. They want things to be the way they were.So do Billa and Salsa. Salsa loves Lany for bringing her up.Rifky's mother is revengeful towards Bima for killing her husband and this becomes an obstacle in the relationship between Rifky and Salsa.

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Maxime Bouttier, Estelle Linden,