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Dul (Rasyd Albu Qhori)‎ is a cheerful, enthusiastic 10 year old boy who loves dancing. He lives with his grandmother, Nek Aminah (Yatty Surachman). One day a scientist, who happens to be their distant relative,‎ Abidin (David Chalik) comes to visit Dul. Abidin is able to transform toys into robots. He has a unique bangle which has a red and green button. According to Abidin, if anyone wears this bangle and press on the red button then he or she will disappear and will be invisible. When the green button is pressed on, the person will be visible again. The research is not compleeted yet, the bangle is just a bangle. 

The next day Abidin went back to America to continue his research, hand he accidently leaves the bangle in Dul's care. Dul promises to look after the bangle till Abidin returns.

A few days later, Nek Aminah's asthma gets worse and she has no inhaler left. Dul wants to get her another one but he doesn't have enough money and is sent away by the chemist. Feeling hopeless, Dul cries and pleads with Allah to help his grandma. As if by magic, the bangle on Dul suddenly turns red and in a flash Dul is invisible. When realizing this, he is in a dilemma. He returns to the chemist to take the medicine for his grandma. He is torn because he is aware once he takes this medicine he will become a thief. But because his grandma is in a very bad state he is forced to steal the medicine. The chemist is shocked to see the medicine floating in air. He thinks it must be a ghost.

Dul gives the inhaler to his grandma. She is able to breathe normally again. When he is asked as to how he was able to get this inhaler, he lies and tells her he borrowed the money from the security guard.

Feeling guilty, Dul prays for forgiveness from Allah at the mosque. At this time, Ustad Zacky (Achul) approaches a crying Dul. Dul tells him about stealing the medicine. Ustad then gives him the money and tells him to give it to the chemist. Dul promises to never steal again and thanks the Ustad.

After this incident, Dul uses the bangle only to do good. Sometimes he plays tricks on his naughty friends Ron and Leo who like to trouble others. Dul keeps the bangle a secret.  

Follow the adventures of the cheerful Dul which are filled with moral values and friendship only on " SI DUL"‎