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Sissy Si Putri Duyung


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Sissy Si Putri Duyung wishes to have a pair of human legs and live normally like a human. That could only if she marries with a human. But this idea is not tolerated by her father. Her father wishes her to get married to a prince of her kind named Reno.

One day there’s a big storm that left Sissy stranded in a swimming pool after saved by 2 sisters, Sasa and Moya. They live with aunt Lili and her beautiful but careless daughter, Alyssa. Sissy started living and being a part of the human world, that’s when she falls for Joe.

Sasa and Moya both like Joe but because Sissy also likes him and needs a human to have a pair of real permanent legs, they step back and support Sissy instead. But not for Alyssa. She likes Joe as well and she’s the kind of girl who would fight for her love. She refuses to give Joe up for Sissy the way the sisters did.

Things get complex when Reno was sent by Sissy’s father to bring her back home to the mermaid world. Will Sissy finally get what she wishes for? Is there eternity for their love?