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38 episode


Ricky apologize in front of Tina and friends for his father's attitude, he doesn't know why his father like that. Ricky doesn't know what should he does. Somad and team gathered in Tina's new place. The place made by wood  but looks homy and beautiful.

Ubur Ubur Emas is the best martial art school in Indonesia. The school is led by ChandraKirana ( Erly Asih), a mysterious and eccentric woman. She has 3 ideal students Wibowo (Indra Brugman), Arifin (Rico Karindra) dan Rusda (Masked Man). Wibowo is the cleverest amongst the 3. He comes from a rich family. He owns the biggest tea plantation in Sukabumi. He is arrogant as a result of being rich and good at martial arts. He is married to Retno and they have a son named Somad (Richard) Meanwhile, Arifin is Wibowo's close friend. Arifin is his advisor and he is a well known contractor. He is married to Halimah (Zora) and they have a daughter named Sasmita (Amanda Rawles)

The third student, Rusda, is the worst of the lot. He is evil and egoistic. He too is married and has a son named Ricky ( Rofi Septian). His wife is Nias (Jill Carissa). No one knows that Rusda is actually Chandrakiran's son. Chandrakirana is having problems in leading the school. She wants Rusda to take over. However he is never able to win over Arifin and Wibowo. Chandrakirana and Rusda secretly come up with an evil plan to create a misunderstanding between Arifin and Wibowo. Because of their instigation, Arifin and Wibowo feel threatened. Arifin feels all the more threatened when Wibowo wants to meet him to  pair up his son with Arifin's daughter.

The meeting is held at Wibowo's plantation. Arifin is ready to kill him. Meanwhile, Wibowo is all set to kill Arifin. How shocked are they when it turns out that they have been poisoned and are both weak. At that time, a masked man appears who is none other than Rusda. He has killed Halimah. Arifin is shocked and quickly runs away with Sasmita. Rusda's main target is Wibowo.  He decides to let go of Arifin and go after Wibowo. Wibowo has escaped with Somad and Retno. However, due to the situation, Wibowo asks Retno and Somad to run away and get into a public transport and he decides to face Rusda. Rusda manages to catch Wibowo who is feeling very weak due to the drug. From a distance, Retno watches Wibowo being stabbed. She is certain he is dead. Meanwhile, before passing out, Wibowo sees the public transport van carrying Retno and Somad blow up. He thinks they both are dead. Retno then escapes with Somad from one place to another. She never tells him the name of his father as she is scared that someone may want to harm him. No one knows that Wibowo is alive. Rusda doesn't kill him because only Wibowo knows the secret to the last and highest knowledge of martial arts.

Rusda tortures Wibowo to tell him the secret but Wibowo doesn't. Finally, Rusda damage Wibowo's eyes and he loses his eyesight. He also makes him a coolie at his tea factory on the outskirts of Jakarta. Wibowo survives on the hope that he will take revenge one day and pretends to not be a threat to Rusda anymore. Wibowo repents and he becomes very nice because he feels that everything that happened to him was his punishment for all that he has done in the past. Many years go by. Somad grows up to be a good, pious and humble boy. Retno and Somad return to Jakarta because she has a promising job there. She has forbidden him from learning martial arts. Somad then enters a new school. He meets Ricky, Sasmita and other friends of Ricky's who are from Ubur-Ubur Emas. As a new kid, Somad is always pressured by Samson, the gang leader. What more because Somad is close to Sasmita, the school idol. Somad is very upset. He tries to fight back but gets covered in bruises. The only member of the gang who is kind is Ricky. Ricky and Somad develop a friendship. Retno gets very angry when Somad fights back. She forbids him to fight.

Somad doesn't understand what her reasons are. One day, Retno meets Rusda. Rusda is shocked to see her alive. She runs away from him. Seeing this, Somad is worried about her. He is afraid she may get hurt and so he decides to learn self defense without her knowledge or consent because he feels the need to protect her. He then looks for a teacher. He meets ChandraKirana who is teaching at Ubur-Ubur Emas. However, he is shocked because all the members are the ones who beat him up. He decides to never go back there. But his presence perturbs Chandrakirana because Somad has talent and moves which resemble that of  Wibowo's.

Chandrakirana reports this to Rusda. He goes looking for Somad. Somad runs away. At a critical time, he is helped by Wibowo who is blind and works in a factory near the port. Somad is shocked because this old man turns out to be very good in martial arts. Somad then follows him everywhere and tries to get him to teach him martial arts. Wibowo refuses. But then he changes his mind because he feels a connection with Somad. He teaches him martial arts. Wibowo teaches him small movements which seem useless. At first Somad is patient. But then he feels Wibowo is just playing a trick on him. He gets upset. However, Wibowo proves it to him that his teaching is right and Somad learns to fight. He is then motivated to learn more

Seeing Somad's persistence, Wibowo begins to love him even more. He even reminds him of his son who is no more. Wibowo decides to teach him one of his  actions that he has kept a secret all this while. Retno begins to get suspicious as Somad often disappears. He doesn't tell her the truth. He tells her that he has taken up some extra curricular activity in school. He defends Sasmita as well Sasmita is impressed with him and their friendship grows. Their closeness is known to Arifin. He doesn't like Somad because he sees Wibowo in him. Sasmita is surprised with her father's hatred towards Somad. Meanwhile, Ricky comes to know about Somad's talent. Instead of feeling jealous, he helps him practice his martial arts. They both become all the more closer.

Finally, Retno comes to know that Somad has been lying and that he has been learning martial arts. She is furious at him. He is upset because she doesn't appreciate his good intentions and so he leaves her. She panics and goes looking for him. However, she meets Rusda and panics. Somad is shocked to learn that Retno has been kidnapped. He tries to rescue her. At that moment when Rusda tries to kill her, Somad accidentally does the movement which Rusda has been looking for. Rusda is shocked to death and then changes his plan. He doesn't kill Retno. He tells Somad that if he wants to meet his mother,  he has to get the knowledge in martial arts which he has been looking for all this while. Somad agrees for the sake of his mother.