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Tasbih Cinta


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Rosa and Gunawan were just blessed with a baby named Bella. On the way home from the hospital, there was a deadly accident. Rosa and Gunawan passed away. Bella was left to be guarded by their friend, Irwan. Irwan didn’t keep his promise and sunk Bella in a river. He wanted to gain power over Gunawan’s wealth. The cunning Irwan was able to win Mrs Wijaya’s (Gunawan’s mother) heart and even took over the Wijaya’s family business. Yuni, a prostitute, found Bella. Bella grew up and worked hard selling newspapers; she doesn’t want to be like Yuni. Yuni’s a sly. She made use of Ayu, her other adopted child that Bella care about, to influence her into prostitution.

At that time, Bella met Melvin, a playboy that will reward her for winning his brother, Joan. Joan is a kind man, bookworm, and disciplined. Melvin felt that Joan is the son that his parents, Irwan and Hesti, are more proud of. He wants to destroy Joan by love, especially to a disgraceful woman like Bella. Bella took the offer. She was able to make Joan fall on his knees, and eventually Bella could not deny the love. Melvin was angry and revealed everything. Mrs. Wijaya and Joan now in turn hated Bella.